Web2 0 era of SMEs how to do e commerce

Web2.0 network has been very mature, but the majority of small and medium enterprises remain in the generation of simple network model. This will slow down in e-commerce.

to Wikipedia, blog, Google AdSense, such as the characteristics of the Web2.0 Internet has been very mature, open the Sina home page, we will find that the only red navigation bar is micro-blog". However, according to the professional service providers of wolf e-commerce data center revealed that the vast majority of small and medium-sized enterprises still keep in built three or four years ago on the website, even some companies built a Taobao shop began advertising investment in Baidu. This is the blindness of SMEs themselves, but also the network promotion of the company is not responsible. read more

Wangzhuan switch of the road so hard so results

April, planning to the road, hoping to find a way to make money more stable, I chose Taobao. Do the children’s clothing, and later made a sock.

from the store to buy up to about half a month’s time, and now the results are five-star, 167. Half a month’s time, so hard to do!

is the first to purchase Shanghai, then take pictures, shelves, because we are the first to do, did not dare Yahuo, each style only into a, thus increasing the workload, pictures, shelves to now have not completed. read more

Shop operators lack of people required the headhunter gold medal manager salary 150 thousand

are in accordance with national standards to enjoy, when this recruitment information in the online search of the emergence of the company, caused no small shock. Compared to the previous search enterprise mainly aimed at high-end talent, this is Taobao search to net online shop manager.

in recent years, the rapid development of the shop, but accompanied by the lack of business talent, which is also a hot topic in the field of e-commerce in recent years. With the search involved, a shop manager, operations director, supervisor, director of design of the battle has begun. read more

E commerce marketing strategy value execution

e-commerce era, whether you are confused

we are entering the era of e-commerce, companies can expand market channels online. Online market for everyone there is no limit, but in the face of no marginal market, many people began to feel confused, do not know how to act as. A variety of media, the era of e-commerce marketing strategy, need more than traditional marketing, otherwise it is easy to get lost in the vast sea of direction. The professor Carleton University from the individual perspective, first from two aspects of search engine marketing circle and speaking. read more

After the final significant chaos boxing tricks Wanda electricity supplier bumpy road

introduction: Wanda and Suning "gossip" long-standing, finally take practical action to end outside speculation.

Wanda and Suning’s scandal for a long time, and finally to the end of the actual action of the speculation. The morning of September 6th, they officially released a major strategic cooperation, Suning stores will be stationed in the Wanda Plaza, Wanda Department store, become the important main shop; and Wanda will also help Su ningyun in the rich variety of goods, strengthen the experience of consumption, the transition to the electricity supplier. read more

Linktech seven new shopping promotion

dear affiliate member:

Hello everyone!

new chabridge Da Vinci M8 mobile phone, U& K SPA; Wang Chao crazy panic buying cheap sauna! Go to panic buying! More beautiful and practical products, as in the seven


activity during the successful sales of new bridge Da Vinci M8 paid a commission of $35, U& K SPA to pay the Commission 68 yuan (Wang sauna does not participate in additional (into). In addition to the two special offer goods and other products Commission website on the same read more

Ali alliance at the end of the Carnival

At the end of Ali alliance gift, mad to welcome the new year. Warmly welcome the Commission, likewise, bidding product optimization manual DEDECATES released! More good waiting for you to come

activity details:

a good gift:

warmly welcome new students. The carnival period successfully registered the Ali alliance member, and during the event to put a formal alliance of any product, we will send you a gift of 20 yuan! If you become active during periods 999th, 1999, and 2999… Registered name, can get 99 yuan super red envelopes!

* to cancel the audit ranking, everyone has the opportunity!

double Courtesy:
read more

Tencent Jingdong how to use WeChat attack Taobao

text / Wang Congji

recently, WeChat shop, Jingdong shopping portal has been on the line, coupled with WeChat’s third party electronic business platform frequently sound, WeChat electricity supplier ecology pattern layer out.

and as the penguin and eight sisters had expected, Jingdong + fast and easy anyway, the variables are not large, to pat the cornerstone of the C2C is the core of WeChat electricity supplier.

around WeChat, Tencent Jingdong are working together to weave a network of Taobao. The biggest worry, Ma electricity supplier WeChat finally the real intention comes in the end. read more

The three key steps of the network marketing

network marketing of the three major steps, grasping the potential, the transaction, chasing sales!

I’ve written two blogs in front of

, how to discover potential customers and how to attract potential customers. There are also a number of ways to grab potential customers.

now this blog detailed and share with you,

What is the catch

hidden catch is to pave the way for the transaction, do the foundation, you must first have a potential customer before the transaction. Perhaps you use the letter to clinch a deal, perhaps you use the phone to clinch a deal, perhaps you face to face transactions, but before the transaction, you have to have their own potential customers, no potential customers, you can not deal. So in order to seize the potential customers, you have to go to other people "fish pond" to catch potential". Very simple, because you want every customer, have been someone else’s customers. read more

D re investment of 10 million yuan angel investment of New Oriental Xu Xiaoping

speed transit network December 15th news today morning, according to sources, a fast fashion website VCOTTON cotton has been co-founder of New Oriental Xu Xiaoping’s investment, the news has been confirmed by the cotton company.

according to the sources, Xu Xiaoping is the co-founder of New Oriental angel investor identity VCOTTON D investment, investment amount of more than 10 million yuan. After the completion of the investment, Xu Xiaoping became the second largest shareholder of the company, the former largest shareholder of the company in the top third, Wang Feng, chairman of the board is still in the top second. read more