The three key steps of the network marketing

network marketing of the three major steps, grasping the potential, the transaction, chasing sales!

I’ve written two blogs in front of

, how to discover potential customers and how to attract potential customers. There are also a number of ways to grab potential customers.

now this blog detailed and share with you,

What is the catch

hidden catch is to pave the way for the transaction, do the foundation, you must first have a potential customer before the transaction. Perhaps you use the letter to clinch a deal, perhaps you use the phone to clinch a deal, perhaps you face to face transactions, but before the transaction, you have to have their own potential customers, no potential customers, you can not deal. So in order to seize the potential customers, you have to go to other people "fish pond" to catch potential". Very simple, because you want every customer, have been someone else’s customers. read more

D re investment of 10 million yuan angel investment of New Oriental Xu Xiaoping

speed transit network December 15th news today morning, according to sources, a fast fashion website VCOTTON cotton has been co-founder of New Oriental Xu Xiaoping’s investment, the news has been confirmed by the cotton company.

according to the sources, Xu Xiaoping is the co-founder of New Oriental angel investor identity VCOTTON D investment, investment amount of more than 10 million yuan. After the completion of the investment, Xu Xiaoping became the second largest shareholder of the company, the former largest shareholder of the company in the top third, Wang Feng, chairman of the board is still in the top second. read more