South African Assistant Referee Stood Down After Appearing At England Training

first_imgAt the time of writing Ireland and Joe Schmidt have failed to comment on the matter.Related: Six Nations Round Four: Six Things We Learnt This incident is the latest controversy to circle around Eddie Jones and England.Another was a video of Jones making comments about Ireland and Wales which has divided opinion.Related: Eddie Jones Video Dividing OpinionThat incident, along with the referee debacle above, will inevitably add to the atmosphere on Saturday as Ireland, already 2018 Six Nations champions, look to record a Grand Slam. Controversial: Van Der Westhuizen was involved in England’s training this week (Getty Images) Clearly, Jones’s incendiary comments are sure to fire the team up at Twickenham, and considering England’s struggles last couple of rounds, it could turn into a colossal contest.Don’t forget to follow Rugby World on Facebook and Twitter. South African Assistant Referee Stood Down After Appearing At England TrainingWorld Rugby have decided to replace assistant referee Marius van der Westhuizen with Nigel Owens for England versus Ireland in the last round of the Six Nations. They made their choice after it became public that the official was involved in a training session with the England team a couple of days ago.In their statement, World Rugby said: “The decision follows Marius’s attendance at an England training session this week. While greater dialogue and collaboration between match officials and teams (including attending team training on request) has been agreed by World Rugby and the teams, Marius should not have been involved given that he was a member of the match official team for the weekend’s match.“World Rugby takes responsibility for this oversight and has taken the proactive decision to stand Marius down to avoid any additional unfair and unnecessary conjecture. Marius is an outstanding talent with a big international future and both he and his employer SARU fully support the decision.”It is fairly regular for teams to ask referees to come in and advise on training with them, however, to many, this instance appeared to be a conflict of interest.Turbulent week: Eddie Jones has had a stressful build-up to England v IrelandBefore they took this step, World Rugby had already made it clear that they would talk to England’s training staff to make sure this kind of occurrence doesn’t happen again.The current rules in place stipulate that match day referees cannot train with international teams they will directly be involved with. However, it has taken this incident for World Rugby to stipulate that assistants – who could easily replace an injured ref – should be held to the same standard. They have stated: “senior elite teams will continue to have the opportunity to request that a member of the high-performance match official panel attends training providing that the individual is not a member of the match official team officiating that team at a later date within the current competition or test window”.This story was first reported by Alex Lowe of the Times. One of the assistant referees for the England vs Ireland match on Saturday got involved during an England training session. last_img read more

Hospitals converting to for-profit status show better financial health

first_img Read Full Story Switching from nonprofit to for-profit status appears to boost hospitals’ financial health but does not appear to lower the quality of care they provide or reduce the proportion of poor or minority patients receiving care, according to a new study from Harvard School of Public Health (HSPH) and Brigham and Women’s Hospital.“Critics of for-profit hospitals have argued that they are worse at providing good care to patients and that therefore we should limit them,” said Ashish Jha, professor of health policy and management at HSPH and senior author of the study. “Over the past decade, hundreds of hospitals have switched from being nonprofit to for-profit. Our study finds that if the public health goal is to improve hospital care, then focusing on things like for-profit or nonprofit status is a distraction.”The study appears online October 21, 2014 in JAMA (Journal of the American Medical Association).Jha and his colleagues undertook the study to shed light on the growing and controversial trend of nonprofit hospitals switching to for-profit status; over the past decade, more than 200 hospitals in the U.S. have switched.Supporters of such moves have argued that becoming for-profit helps hospitals bring in needed resources and experienced management, thereby allowing them to improve the quality and efficiency of their care. Critics have argued that once hospitals become for-profit, the focus will be primarily on maximizing profits while shunning disadvantaged patients and paying less attention to providing high-quality care. But there had been little recent evidence to support either contention.last_img read more

O’Driscoll: Six Nations could be my last

first_img O’Driscoll has lost the captaincy to Jamie Heaslip but has been restored to the midfield for Saturday’s opener against Wales in Cardiff after missing the autumn internationals because of an ankle injury. The 34-year-old’s contract with the Irish Rugby Football Union expires at the end of the season and he concedes his fitness will determine his future beyond the summer. “There’s a strong possibility it could be my last,” O’Driscoll told BBC Sport. Ireland centre Brian O’Driscoll has given his most definitive admission yet that the forthcoming RBS 6 Nations could be his final championship. “There’s every chance it’s my last Six Nations, but I haven’t really allowed myself to start thinking about finishing. “If you start thinking about it too early, you’ve one foot into retirement already. “I’m contracted until the summer and I’ll see how my body feels.” A strong Six Nations would guarantee O’Driscoll a spot on the British and Irish Lions tour to Australia this summer and propel him into the reckoning for the captaincy. It was a post he filled in New Zealand in 2005, although he only played less than a minute of the opening Test after a spear tackle by Tana Umaga and Keven Mealamu resulted in a shoulder injury that ruled him out of the series. Wales’s Sam Warburton is favourite for the position, but O’Driscoll is a strong contender, “It would be an honour that would be too big to pass up again. I got to do it once, albeit for only 25 seconds of a Test match, so it would be nice to get another opportunity,” he said. “But first I’ve got to get into a position to get myself on the tour and deserve my spot.” center_img Press Associationlast_img read more

49ers key play: Goodwin scores TD, Garoppolo avoids blooper reel

first_imgCINCINNATI – Jimmy Garoppolo saw Marquise Goodwin break wide open. When the Bengals did, it was too late. The 49ers’ trickery began the Bengals’ demiseGoodwin scored the first of his team’s five touchdowns in a 41-17 rout of the Cincinnati Bengals.What was Garoppolo thinking as Goodwin raced uncovered into empty space on the field’s left side, after lining up as a tight end on the right side? How hard was it not to blow the play of the game?“It’s not hard but it’s just nerve wracking,” …last_img read more

Evolutionary Morality Backfires on Big Science

first_imgPiracy sparks indignation among advocates of the idea that morality is an evolved trait.Know the major science journals and you will know Big Science. That’s where the attitudes of the vested interests of this major cultural force are reflected. Nature, Science, PNAS and other journals decide what’s trendy, what’s important. Their papers filter down to the popular media, whose reporters translate the jargon into sound bites for the masses. And as the official mouthpieces of powerful scientific organizations, the journals importune governments to further the interests of their constituents.Journal editors, on the other hand, love to promote evolutionary psychology. Mind, religion, altruism – these are mere Darwinian adaptations, outcomes of natural selection. Only simple-minded religious throwbacks pay attention to commandments of punishing gods who say, “Thou shalt not steal” (9/06/15).  Nature, for instance, just printed a letter from correspondents in Poland who are very concerned about an “anti-science wave” there, including a rise in creationism:Creationism, too, seems to be experiencing a resurgence. For example, the book Ewolucja, Dewolucja, Nauka (Evolution, Devolution, Science) Fronda, 2016) by the dendrologist Maciej Giertych, which we read as arguing against evolution, is being promoted in schools. In our view, this poses a threat to the country’s scientific-education programme.Now the journals have an ethical conundrum. People are stealing their stuff.Science Magazine, the voice of the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS), published three pieces worrying about Sci-Hub, a Russian website making thousands of pirated journal papers available to everyone. Marcia McNutt, Editor-in-Chief of Science journals, tries to spin her frustration in “My love-hate of Sci-Hub.” While she understands the temptation for people to use this resource, and recognizes the trend toward open access, she complains that publishing her organization’s papers incur very real costs. She waxes eloquent about all the good things the AAAS is doing to keep science squeaky-clean. Nothing in her piece about subjective morality; when she feels a threat, she discovers her calling as a preacher of righteousness:Scientific nonprofit societies do indeed understand the need to continue addressing research accessibility by those in challenged regions, but through legitimate means. For those who have such avenues but choose to pirate a paper instead, ask yourself whether it is worth risking the viability of a system that supports the quality and integrity of science.John Bohannon, a perceptive writer for Science, tells the story of Alexandra Elbakyan, a frustrated grad student in Kazakhstan who went for the dark side by applying her hacking skills to develop Sci-Hub. “When she got back to Kazakhstan, frustration with the barriers that scientists face would soon lead her to create Sci-Hub—an awe-inspiring act of altruism or a massive criminal enterprise, depending on whom you ask.” Elbakyan looks at her piracy as a practical side of her research. Why not? Isn’t it survival of the fittest?In another piece, Bohannon asks “Who’s downloading pirated papers?” The answer: “Everyone.” So does that make it right? Supporters of Sci-Hub are armed with plenty of rationalizations; everybody does it, the journals are selfish, scientists have a right to the information. This should be a classic test of evolutionary morality, but Bohannon never mentions morality—just illegality, court decisions and futile attempts to stop it. He discusses statistics and demographics, but leaves it to readers to provide feedback: “Tell us what you think about Sci-Hub.”What are McNutt and Bohannon going to say? “Thou shalt not steal?”We would love to see a journal paper on the evolution of Sci-Hub. When your ox is the one getting gored, it’s hard to argue that morality is a subjective, evolved trait.Exercise: Write a polite letter to the editor of Science, pointing out to Ms. McNutt that since her own journal has advocated evolutionary morality, Elbakyan is just doing what Science told her is OK. Provide documentation (you might search CEH articles on “altruism”). (Visited 48 times, 1 visits today)FacebookTwitterPinterestSave分享0last_img read more

A letter of concern

first_imgJohan la Grange PO Box 12398 Leraatsfontein 1038 Witbank Cell +27 79 428 1971 (RSA) Cell +243 82 420 0465 (DRC) E-mail. [email protected] 11 January 2016 To whom it may concern, Sir/s, Re. Concerned citizen of South Africa. It is with great concern that I write this letter today and I hope that you will read this and show it to other people to read and maybe there is someone else in this country that feels the same as I do. South Africa is a beautiful country and it is with pride that I say this and I think I should know as I’ve been working in other African countries now for sixteen years, and I’ve seen these countries maybe with a different eye as the normal SA citizen will see them. This also enable me to realize that South Africa has gone backwards as a developed country and now I class SA as a developing country, the same as the rest of Africa. Don’t get me wrong, a lot has happened and was done since independence was “created” in 1994, but the pace in which things happen has gone from good to very slow and I blame myself for this as well because I’ve seen this every day for sixteen years outside the SA borders and now SA is on exactly the same pace, running a 400 meter race at a 1500 meter pace. (you cannot run the Durban July with a Donkey) you need to look at yourself and see whether you’ve gone back from getting things done quick and correctly to “what I don’t feel like doing today, I might look at completing tomorrow”. Now let me put one thing straight, I don’t talk about politics, religion or sex, these are my personal issues and so I believe is everybody else supposed to feel and accept their family, friend, neighbor, employer, employee, as a matter of fact anybody living in this country’s feeling and believe. This is a matter of respect both to yourself and other humans. I’m not ashamed to say that I’ve voted only once since 1994, but this was due to circumstances beyond my control and still today I think of this and I know that I’ve missed out on a opportunity to make a difference, but what’s gone is gone and I now feel that I will not miss out again. The government of this country is by far much more trustworthy that the majority of other African countries governments and you can talk about this for many moons to come but you will not convince me otherwise, I’ve seen and heard enough in Africa. So let’s face-it we all complain every day, but do we really do something to improve the country and the people living in harsh circumstances without electricity, without running water and no sanitation. No we don’t or shall I say I don’t myself, well I’ve tried in the past on numerus occasions without success and I can now after self-investing and struggling with this issue in my head for a long time, admit to you all that I didn’t try hard enough to do my part for the country, and you know why, just because it’s easier to just sit back and complain about everything going wrong, because that’s not what I want, then blaming everything on someone else and the government. It’s the easy way out and it sounds good if everybody blames someone else and I can talk along. As I’ve explained in the letter already, I’ve worked in other countries over the past sixteen years, doing electrical infrastructure development and refurbishing redundant war damaged sites and get these up and running again and building new plants for gold and copper mine production.( after years of war and circumstances I could or cannot do anything about, as I’m only an expat trying to educate, train and uplift the people of these countries to the best of my ability, the majority of infrastructures had to be built from scratch again).Why do I mention these? Because that is the reality and I cannot understand why my privilege was taken away from me, this is the privilege of doing the same work and uplifting of people here in South Africa. Now let me be straight with you, I know that I cannot get any work, tenders or even come back to South Africa and start a new business here, just for the simple reason that I don’t have a BBEE partner or partners. That’s the bottom line and now tell me, how am I supposed to do my part for this country, how can I train people to uplift themselves and create a better life for them and their families, how can I help developing infrastructures of this country, how can I build anything in this country to help the people in need if this is the reality? I’m no racist and I hate the fact that everything gets blamed on “apartheid”, that is bullshit and as far as I’m concerned, it is to my opinion, a matter of the government or certain people in high places taking these opportunities away from the people suffering daily without the services they are entitled to have in a developed country like South Africa. The bottom line for me now is, if I want or must come back to South Africa, to get a partner who feels the same about life in SA as myself and see the need and opportunities the same as I do. I’m a qualified electrician with thirty four years’ experience and twenty two years’ experience in mechanical engineering and I need this person/s to have a business attitude and sense, the same as myself. This will not happen I know, but it’s my task to teach the person/s to develop the business and give them an opportunity to go forward in life and in doing so also help the struggling citizens of this country. Is asking this too much from a concerned citizen, am I barking up the wrong tree, am I wrong in my visions, am I wrong in trying to help other people, am I wrong in trying to develop communities infrastructure, am I wrong in asking someone to help me to uplift the people of this country, am I wrong in asking anything because of my skin color, am I wrong in thinking that anybody will read this? Tell me if I’m wrong and then show me what you have done to create a better South Africa. Don’t criticize me for all, but come with a solution to my concern and by doing that, we can all help each other. I don’t care if you laugh at me, swear at me, and delete this letter or whatever you feel, other than looking positive at this it is how I feel and I also know I’m not the only person in South Africa feeling this way. Why does other countries where I’ve work not ask or insist that you must be from this race or from this religion or from this sport before you can add value to the country, how can I be blamed for what other people did a hundred or two hundred years ago, is this fair towards me as a human being? Why is people in the other countries so glad to see us and so positive about what we are doing for them in their country, we are not all there for the money, we deliver a service to those countries and what you don’t realize is the fact that the more people there is that make the move to work in other countries the less tax the government get every year and remember it’s the people that earn high salaries that do go there. This is not only PAYE taxes, it’s all the other taxes that we must pay in South Africa, which is now down the drain and looking at the annual figures supplied by the media there is less people paying taxes every year basically due to unemployment rising daily. If all these don’t bother you, do me a favor and delete or scrap this letter because you are then one of the people in a position where you’re enriching yourself and let the poor just get poorer while you keep yourself busy with all sorts of political crap. This matter has got nothing to do with politics, it’s about the wellbeing of people of South Africa of which you are one. I’ll keep on fighting until I get a partner that are willing to work with me in South Africa, as I cannot sit and see things going backward as it is doing day by day and I can and will make a difference to other people in need of a better life, I will not let the government or any politician or anybody for that matter, stop me or tell me I cannot succeed in creating a stable business in South Africa, which is where I was born and belong. I hope that if you read this letter to the end, that you will see that we can all live a peaceful and prosperous life in South Africa. I thank you. PS. I don’t have money to buy anybody or bribe anybody, all I need is someone that feels they can make a difference and make a success of the business with me.last_img read more

Yandex enters the self-driving market with a shuttle bus

first_imgRussian search giant Yandex has unveiled plans to build a self-driving shuttle bus, in cooperation with Daimler, Russian truck manufacturer Kamaz, and government-backed research firm NAMI.It is Yandex’s first foray into the world of self-driving, following search rivals Google and Baidu. Instead of building all of the software and services, Yandex plans to work with NAMI on artificial intelligence, voice recognition, and cameras for the bus to see.See Also: Are self-driving cars the next crime frontier?As part of the agreement, the Yandex search engine will be front and center in the bus. Riders may be able to search the web, watch videos, and catch with friends while commuting to work or back home.The shuttle bus will have room for 12 passengers and last for 200 km (124 miles) before needing a charge. Other details, like if the bus is electric, have not been disclosed in the announcement.Yandex bus will hit road next year?NAMI has said it will start testing the shuttle bus in 2017, but the tests will not be on public roads. That puts Russia behind some states in the U.S., and some Asian and European countries, which already let auto manufacturers test cars on public roads.The Russian government has two connections to the project, with a stake in Kamaz and funding to NAMI. That might make it easier for NAMI to bring the shuttle bus to market, especially compared to competitors that might be blocked from testing vehicles in Moscow.It is not the first self-driving bus project in the world, the Swiss EPFL and Mobility Lab Sion-Valais will hit the road in a Swiss city this year. Tags:#autonomous cars#Daimler#Internet of Things#IoT#Kamaz#NAMI#Russia#Self-Driving#shuttle bus#Yandex David Curry Break the Mold with Real-World Logistics AI and… For Self-Driving Systems, Infrastructure and In…center_img IT Trends of the Future That Are Worth Paying A… 5 Ways IoT can Help to Reduce Automatic Vehicle… Related Posts last_img read more

Indonesia goalkeeper dies after mid-game collision

first_imgLATEST STORIES Typhoon Kammuri accelerates, gains strength en route to PH Nugroho said Huda suffered possible neck and head trauma from the impact to his chest and lower jaw after he dived at the feet of on-rushing players and was caught by the legs of Rodrigues.Persela paid tribute to Huda, who played for the team more than 500 times since 1999, calling him “The Real Legend” of the club in a posting on Twitter.Thousands of fans also took to social media in memory of Huda, who had been known to Persela supporters as “One Man, One Club, One Love”.ADVERTISEMENT Nonong Araneta re-elected as PFF president Trending Articles PLAY LIST 00:50Trending Articles00:50Trending Articles00:50Trending Articles01:37Protesters burn down Iran consulate in Najaf01:47Panelo casts doubts on Robredo’s drug war ‘discoveries’01:29Police teams find crossbows, bows in HK university01:35Panelo suggests discounted SEA Games tickets for students02:49Robredo: True leaders perform well despite having ‘uninspiring’ boss02:42PH underwater hockey team aims to make waves in SEA Games Fire hits houses in Mandaluyong City Indonesian football was in mourning on Monday after celebrated goalkeeper Choirul Huda died following an on-pitch collision with a team-mate.Huda, 38, a long-time regular for his hometown club Persela in East Java, collapsed just before half-time after Sunday’s accidental clash with Brazilian midfielder Ramon Rodrigues.ADVERTISEMENT Kammuri turning to super typhoon less likely but possible — Pagasa LOOK: Loisa Andalio, Ronnie Alonte unwind in Amanpulo for 3rd anniversary Don’t miss out on the latest news and information. center_img Brace for potentially devastating typhoon approaching PH – NDRRMC MOST READ Read Next Warriors look to cement a spot among immortal champions Frontrow holds fun run to raise funds for young cancer patients  BSP sees higher prices in November, but expects stronger peso, low rice costs to put up fight Video footage showed the father of two clutching his chest in pain before he was rushed away on a stretcher and taken to hospital. Doctors said he stopped breathing and suffered a heart attack.“He received an emergency treatment for a few minutes in the hospital but he could not be saved. He died before 5:00 pm yesterday,” Persela’s assistant coach Yuhronur Efendi told AFP.FEATURED STORIESSPORTSWATCH: Drones light up sky in final leg of SEA Games torch runSPORTSSEA Games: Philippines picks up 1st win in men’s water poloSPORTSMalditas save PH from shutoutDoctors said the medical team tried to revive the veteran Huda, a former fringe player in the national set-up, for about an hour.“Choirul Huda suffered from traumatic collision with a team-mate which caused him to stop breathing and have cardiac arrest,” Yudistiro Andri Nugroho, a doctor from Lamongan hospital, said in a statement. View commentslast_img read more

Merger to Create Super Heart Trust/NTA Well Advanced

first_img Managing Director of the HEART Trust/NTA, Dr. Janet Dyer, says the draft of the amended HEART Trust Act has been completed and is almost ready to go before the Legislative Committee of the Cabinet. Story Highlights The amended Act is one of several measures being taken as part of the four-way merger to create a super training agency through the full integration of the National Youth Service (NYS), Jamaican Foundation for Lifelong Learning (JFLL), and the Apprenticeship Board with the HEART Trust/NTA. She was speaking with JIS News on June 25 at the HEART Trust’s corporate offices on Oxford Road, Kingston, at a cheque presentation ceremony for $6 million donated by the Phillip & Christina Gore Family Foundation for the HOPE programme. Managing Director of the HEART Trust/NTA, Dr. Janet Dyer, says the draft of the amended HEART Trust Act has been completed and is almost ready to go before the Legislative Committee of the Cabinet.She was speaking with JIS News on June 25 at the HEART Trust’s corporate offices on Oxford Road, Kingston, at a cheque presentation ceremony for $6 million donated by the Phillip & Christina Gore Family Foundation for the HOPE programme.The amended Act is one of several measures being taken as part of the four-way merger to create a super training agency through the full integration of the National Youth Service (NYS), Jamaican Foundation for Lifelong Learning (JFLL), and the Apprenticeship Board with the HEART Trust/NTA.Giving an update on the progress of the merger, Dr. Dyer said: “We are operationally merged, and we are looking at the legal component of the merger now.”Other actions include repealing the NYS Act and incorporating the services of the JFLL into the new entity.The Managing Director further noted that work is under way to develop the new structure, and that the HEART Trust has hired consultants from PricewaterhouseCoopers Jamaica to plan and implement an organisational development review that is meant to identify and shore up areas of weakness while also eliminating duplications.“Once that is done and we have the requisite approval, then we will start moving persons into the positions under the new structure. We are hoping we can tie this up as quickly as possible,” she said.Dr. Dyer said the newly merged entity will seek to penetrate sections of the island where there are limited training opportunities.“We recognise that there are areas within the country that we have not been able to make as much of an impact as we would want. These are areas where we do not have brick and mortar institutions. We are now looking creatively at how we can take the training and empowerment to our young persons within these communities, instead of asking them to come to our brick and mortar institutions,” she explained.The agency’s broad mandate includes stemming the flow of students leaving the secondary school system without moving into further training; reducing the number of youth who are not educated, employed or trained; decreasing the unemployment rate for persons with disabilities; and increasing national literacy and numeracy rates.HEART Trust now has an increased focus on specialisations, including training programmes targeted at high-employment industries, such as business process outsourcing (BPO), tourism and hospitality, logistics and animation, as well as construction and agriculture.The new HEART Trust/NTA has been placed under the Office of the Prime Minister (OPM).last_img read more