Live preseason updates: Warriors vs. Lakers, Wednesday at 7:30 p.m.

first_imgJoin us for live news and analysis Wednesday at 7:30 p.m. for one of the most anticipated preseason games in memory as the Warriors face LeBron James and the Lakers in Las Vegas.James has played three games with his new teammates and, for the first time, will play alongside point guard Lonzo Ball, who is making his preseason debut after recovering from knee surgery. LeBron is scheduled to play roughly 15 minutes Wednesday, but unfortunately for Warriors fans, he reportedly won’t play …last_img read more

Evolutionary Morality Backfires on Big Science

first_imgPiracy sparks indignation among advocates of the idea that morality is an evolved trait.Know the major science journals and you will know Big Science. That’s where the attitudes of the vested interests of this major cultural force are reflected. Nature, Science, PNAS and other journals decide what’s trendy, what’s important. Their papers filter down to the popular media, whose reporters translate the jargon into sound bites for the masses. And as the official mouthpieces of powerful scientific organizations, the journals importune governments to further the interests of their constituents.Journal editors, on the other hand, love to promote evolutionary psychology. Mind, religion, altruism – these are mere Darwinian adaptations, outcomes of natural selection. Only simple-minded religious throwbacks pay attention to commandments of punishing gods who say, “Thou shalt not steal” (9/06/15).  Nature, for instance, just printed a letter from correspondents in Poland who are very concerned about an “anti-science wave” there, including a rise in creationism:Creationism, too, seems to be experiencing a resurgence. For example, the book Ewolucja, Dewolucja, Nauka (Evolution, Devolution, Science) Fronda, 2016) by the dendrologist Maciej Giertych, which we read as arguing against evolution, is being promoted in schools. In our view, this poses a threat to the country’s scientific-education programme.Now the journals have an ethical conundrum. People are stealing their stuff.Science Magazine, the voice of the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS), published three pieces worrying about Sci-Hub, a Russian website making thousands of pirated journal papers available to everyone. Marcia McNutt, Editor-in-Chief of Science journals, tries to spin her frustration in “My love-hate of Sci-Hub.” While she understands the temptation for people to use this resource, and recognizes the trend toward open access, she complains that publishing her organization’s papers incur very real costs. She waxes eloquent about all the good things the AAAS is doing to keep science squeaky-clean. Nothing in her piece about subjective morality; when she feels a threat, she discovers her calling as a preacher of righteousness:Scientific nonprofit societies do indeed understand the need to continue addressing research accessibility by those in challenged regions, but through legitimate means. For those who have such avenues but choose to pirate a paper instead, ask yourself whether it is worth risking the viability of a system that supports the quality and integrity of science.John Bohannon, a perceptive writer for Science, tells the story of Alexandra Elbakyan, a frustrated grad student in Kazakhstan who went for the dark side by applying her hacking skills to develop Sci-Hub. “When she got back to Kazakhstan, frustration with the barriers that scientists face would soon lead her to create Sci-Hub—an awe-inspiring act of altruism or a massive criminal enterprise, depending on whom you ask.” Elbakyan looks at her piracy as a practical side of her research. Why not? Isn’t it survival of the fittest?In another piece, Bohannon asks “Who’s downloading pirated papers?” The answer: “Everyone.” So does that make it right? Supporters of Sci-Hub are armed with plenty of rationalizations; everybody does it, the journals are selfish, scientists have a right to the information. This should be a classic test of evolutionary morality, but Bohannon never mentions morality—just illegality, court decisions and futile attempts to stop it. He discusses statistics and demographics, but leaves it to readers to provide feedback: “Tell us what you think about Sci-Hub.”What are McNutt and Bohannon going to say? “Thou shalt not steal?”We would love to see a journal paper on the evolution of Sci-Hub. When your ox is the one getting gored, it’s hard to argue that morality is a subjective, evolved trait.Exercise: Write a polite letter to the editor of Science, pointing out to Ms. McNutt that since her own journal has advocated evolutionary morality, Elbakyan is just doing what Science told her is OK. Provide documentation (you might search CEH articles on “altruism”). (Visited 48 times, 1 visits today)FacebookTwitterPinterestSave分享0last_img read more

Yandex enters the self-driving market with a shuttle bus

first_imgRussian search giant Yandex has unveiled plans to build a self-driving shuttle bus, in cooperation with Daimler, Russian truck manufacturer Kamaz, and government-backed research firm NAMI.It is Yandex’s first foray into the world of self-driving, following search rivals Google and Baidu. Instead of building all of the software and services, Yandex plans to work with NAMI on artificial intelligence, voice recognition, and cameras for the bus to see.See Also: Are self-driving cars the next crime frontier?As part of the agreement, the Yandex search engine will be front and center in the bus. Riders may be able to search the web, watch videos, and catch with friends while commuting to work or back home.The shuttle bus will have room for 12 passengers and last for 200 km (124 miles) before needing a charge. Other details, like if the bus is electric, have not been disclosed in the announcement.Yandex bus will hit road next year?NAMI has said it will start testing the shuttle bus in 2017, but the tests will not be on public roads. That puts Russia behind some states in the U.S., and some Asian and European countries, which already let auto manufacturers test cars on public roads.The Russian government has two connections to the project, with a stake in Kamaz and funding to NAMI. That might make it easier for NAMI to bring the shuttle bus to market, especially compared to competitors that might be blocked from testing vehicles in Moscow.It is not the first self-driving bus project in the world, the Swiss EPFL and Mobility Lab Sion-Valais will hit the road in a Swiss city this year. Tags:#autonomous cars#Daimler#Internet of Things#IoT#Kamaz#NAMI#Russia#Self-Driving#shuttle bus#Yandex David Curry Break the Mold with Real-World Logistics AI and… For Self-Driving Systems, Infrastructure and In…center_img IT Trends of the Future That Are Worth Paying A… 5 Ways IoT can Help to Reduce Automatic Vehicle… Related Posts last_img read more

Some Lessons in Editing from the Best of Editing Modulations

first_imgSome of my favorite edits in films are those that you don’t see at all. These hidden cuts are often filmmaking necessities — say, for example, to link two different locations as if they were one.In this tweet from Solo VFX Supervisor Rob Bredow you can see how well the filmmakers use this hidden cut — hiding in the black to connect the outside location shot of the Millennium Falcon with the interior set.What I think makes this work particularly well is the brief two-frame flash of red as Han fires off his blaster in the midst of the blackout, making the darkness feel more intentional and the connection more seamless.In this Twitter Moment, you can see all of Rob’s tweets on some specific VFX moments from his work on Solo: A Star Wars Story.Via Editing Modulations.In this example from Editing Modulations, this hidden cut in Christopher Nolan‘s Dunkirk not only helps to add to the confusion but also increase the impact of the water blast. Again the inclusion of a little bit of light helps make the dark section of the sequence more believable.For more examples of hidden cuts, especially in “one-take” films like Birdman or Alfred Hitchcock‘s Rope, check out this PremiumBeat post.Filmic Wipes and TransitionsAlthough Star Wars brought the wipe dissolve back into the cinematic vocabulary of modern audiences, it was itself referencing the use of wipes by Akira Kurosawa and ’30s b-movies.In this supercut of every wipe in the original Star Wars trilogy, you can seem just how many there are — and how varied.These days, a wipe still seems out-dated — or at least knowingly self-referential: “We’re using a star wipe, and you’re supposed to notice it’s a little kitschy.”But as with the dissolve, with a little creativity and planning, the wipe transition can be a thing of beauty.In this Nerdwriter video essay, you can enjoy a really detailed breakdown of some of the creative transitions employed by director Edgar Wright in Scott Pilgrim vs. The World. This includes his use of foreground options, transitions within shot-reverse-shot combinations, and sound effects to make the transitions seamless and noticeable.Image via Nerdwriter.Here is a still of the “scene transition diagram,” which breaks down the wipe-to-the-right transition that merges three different shots in Scott Pilgrim.Via Editing Modulations.This simple transition from Snatch, reveals just how effective a basic push slide can be when combined with some matching action. The Editing Modulations creator remarks that “this technique in Snatch use[s] sound effects, actors, and camera movements to make the effect seamless.”One thing that these silent .gifs don’t convey is the integral component of sound design to blend these shots together.Via PremiumBeat.These days the whip pan cut is a far more accepted transition, often employed in comedies to keep the energy as we move from one location to another.You can learn more about whip pans and creating some nifty looking visual effects in this PremiumBeat post from Jason Boone.Combining TechniquesVia Editing Modulations.None of these techniques need to occur in isolation, and often the combination of several techniques can be even more powerful.One of my favorite combined transitions was in Darkest Hour, when the carpet bombing of France transitions to a dead soldier’s back through a match cut with a dissolve-to-black. (You’ll have to click through to see it.)In this example from Francis Ford Coppola‘s Bram Stoker’s Dracula, the match cut pairs with a slow dissolve, so the wolf’s glowing eyes appear first in the vampire bite marks before we fully transition into a scene of a wolf staring into the camera.Via Editing Modulations.In this great example from Wind River, editor Gary D. Roach creates a great match cut and semi-hidden transition between these three shots.I say it’s a “semi-hidden” transition because the five-frame shot of Jeremy Renner‘s boot coming down to mostly fill the screen matches the darkness of the door before it’s kicked in. That brief moment of black helps to land the boot and give the audience a visual continuity (black to black), but the rhythm and energy of the shots keep the movement flowing across the cut.I can only imagine that the filmmakers meticulously finessed the pacing and timing of each shot to get this just right.It’s also a great example of using match cuts to connect characters across time and space while maintaining a narrative connection — even though the scenes play out in isolation.If this inspires you to try something a little different in the future, don’t forget to follow Editing Modulations for more great editing craft insights.Cover image via Fox Searchlight.Looking for more editing tips and tricks? Check out these articles.3 Ways to Get Un-Stuck When You’re Struggling with An EditVideo Editing 101: Using The J, K, and L Key Editing ShortcutsProduction Tip: How to Edit a Fight Scene for Rhythm and Pacing5 Ways to Sharpen Your Film and Video Editing PerspectiveFilm Theory: Why Don’t We Notice All Those Editing Cuts? Sometimes you don’t need a long tutorial to pick up some new editing tricks. Check out our favorites from Editing Modulations.When it comes to learning more about film editing, one of my favorite new internet finds is the Editing Modulations Tumblr page. It’s a great mixture of two-second clips with lessons and short insights on specific cuts, transitions, and editing techniques.In this post, I’ve rounded up a selection of techniques that Editing Modulations has examined, and I added a few thoughts of my own with some additional links on the same topics. It’s absolutely worth clicking through to each of the examples to learn more about the editors involved and the context of the shot in the wider film.We’ll be taking a look at the following.Match CutsDissolvesHidden cutsWipes and transitionsCombining techniquesAs editors, we shouldn’t be afraid to get creative with our scene transitions, including the use of sound effects, wipes, and dissolves. If the director hates them, we can always take them out, but at least let’s try something a little different when we can.Editing with Match CutsVia Editing Modulations.These match cuts from Baby Driver are a good example of an editing technique that is usually scripted. That’s not to say that it’s impossible to have an organic match cut in your project, but more often than not, they’re pre-planned to get the visuals to match up exactly.There are a ton of other great examples of match cuts on Editing Modulations, so click through to see some from The Graduate, Snatch, and Schindler’s List.In the example above, you can see that the position of the actor and the movement of the black car draws your eye to the left, which moves into the dangling car in the second shot. The match cut’s “join” is largely around the position of Baby in the foreground — although other compositional elements also match, such as the cars on the left and right, the crane, and the B2 column.Via Editing Modulations.It’s also worth thinking about the meaning created by juxtaposing these two shots; it’s not just a nice visual transition.This match cut from Grease (1978) contrast’s the group’s imagination with reality. For Baby, it’s supposed to be a turning point in his criminal career. In this example (click through) from The Lost World: Jurassic Park, we actually see a “black comedy” match cut.Via Editing Modulations.Match cuts can be visually similar, but they can also be more metaphorical — you can match compositions, movement, energy, and emotion.In this example from The Lost City of Z, the movement and placement of the liquid moving from right to left matches the stream train traveling in the same direction. Although this could easily have been planned in production, it’s also a good example of a more organic match cut.Keeping an eye out for these possibilities, either as a filmmaker or an editor, definitely adds a further layer of meaning for your audience.If you want to see even more great examples of match cuts, check out the following post, which includes this nicely edited supercut of match cuts from Celia Gomez.Using Dissolves in Your ProjectsVia Editing Modulations.Sometimes a dissolve can seem like a cop-out. As the old editing saying goes, “When you can’t solve it, dissolve it” — meaning that when the editor couldn’t think of a good way to make a cut work, they could just slap a dissolve on it.But in the right hands, and the right context, a dissolve can be a far more powerful transition — one that adds some visual connection and additional meaning.In this great example from Natural Born Killers, the dissolve connects Mallory’s cigarette smoke to the dragon’s breath.I think the challenge of the dissolve is that it actually requires extra thought to succeed. What is the sustained visual connection between the two shots? What meaning are you conveying with the juxtaposition?Is it about communicating the passage of time? Internal thoughts? Connections between characters across time and space? Whatever it is, there has to be some meaning, or the transition will feel unnecessary.When was the last time you successfully used a dissolve?This Guy Edits (Sven Pape) created a nice video essay that contrasts the successful use of dissolves in film with those that are just plain lazy.Pape argues that, in some ways, the dissolve is “the hardest cut” because it draws attention to itself, and so it really has to work — otherwise it will be drawing attention to its own failure.In the comments, Brenn Film shared an interesting observation that I’ve yet to try out for myself, but it sounds plausible:I learned a little trick to make dissolves ‘feel’ more cinematic. When editing digitally, usually dissolves are done in seconds. A multiple of 25 or 30 frames in length.Once upon a time, when dissolves were done in labs with a and b roll of negative, dissolves had the length of a multiple of 8 frames, due to closing and opening the iris from a to b roll. This amount ‘feels’ like [it’s] from the movies, and trust me . . . you can ‘feel’ the difference by a couple of frames already.So make your dissolves a multiple of 8, and they will ‘feel’ like the ones from the movies.To learn more about using dissolves in your edit, check out this great post by PremiumBeat’s Logan Baker.Hidden Cutslast_img read more

Michigan’s Jourdan Lewis: “That Michigan State Corner Told On Draymond…Yikes”

first_imgClose up of Jourdan Lewis with his helmet on.jourdan lewis michigan wont leave earlyWednesday, it was revealed in police reports that former Michigan State star basketball player Draymond Green’s arrest this past Sunday came after an altercation with current Michigan State football player Jermaine Edmondson. Of course, at least one University of Michigan athlete has weighed in on the situation.Michigan senior corner Jourdan Lewis, who runs an entertaining Twitter account, tweeted some thoughts on the matter. He essentially poked fun at Edmondson, saying he “told” on Draymond. The “skeeps” tweet refers to Scorekeepers bar in Ann Arbor.jourdan lewis tweetsPS: If I ever give you a scholarship, I promise I won’t slap you for payment.— Jourdan Lewis (@JourdanJD) July 13, 2016 The Wolverines and the Spartans meet on October 29. It should be fun.last_img read more

Diana Shipping Fetches Higher Rate for Its Panamax

first_imgGreek dry bulk owner Diana Shipping has entered into a time charter contract with Luxembourg-based United Bulk Carriers International for one of its Panamax vessels.Under the agreement, the company’s 76,225 dwt bulker Melia would be chartered for a period of seventeen to twenty months.Diana Shipping said that the vessel’s gross charter rate for the period would be at USD 12,000 per day. The 2005-built Panamax is expected to start commence the latest charter contract on April 20, 2018.This employment is to generate some USD 6.12 million of gross revenue for the minimum scheduled period of the time charter.Melia is currently chartered to the Italian company Nidera at a gross charter rate of USD 9,500 per day.last_img read more

So Floridas A Final Four Favorite Now

VIDEO: Gonzaga-WVU is the Sweet 16 game to watch Embed Code More: Apple Podcasts | ESPN App | RSS | Embed FiveThirtyEight Welcome to the latest episode of Hot Takedown, FiveThirtyEight’s sports podcast. On this week’s show (March 21, 2017), we break down the first and second rounds of the men’s and women’s NCAA tournaments and talk about where teams stand going into the Sweet 16. Next, we discuss the U.S. women’s hockey team’s decision to potentially sit out the world championships amid negotiations with USA Hockey over pay. Finally, we’re ready for baseball to come back — and preview what to expect in the National League this season. Plus, a significant digit from the NBA.Links to what we discussed:A Duke loss was always going to look like the one they suffered Sunday, writes FiveThirtyEight’s Neil Paine.Neil also wrote about how Wisconsin ousted Villanova.Just how mad was the first weekend of the NCAA Tournament? ESPN’s Paul Sabin investigates.FiveThirtyEight’s Benjamin Morris noted that despite its continued winning streak, UConn’s chance of winning the women’s tournament dropped after round one.The Washington Post took a look at the origins of the U.S. women’s hockey team’s threat to boycott a tournament.ESPNW reported on the ongoing negotiations between USA Hockey and the women’s national team.Neil, Nate Silver and FanGraphs writer Craig Edwards recently had a chat about why the Cubs are the favorites to win the National League Central.Significant Digit: 77.7 percent, the “Charge Rate” of Sacramento Kings forward Anthony Tolliver. FiveThirtyEight’s Chris Herring created the metric — a “simple stat that measures how efficiently a player draws charges” — to try to figure out who the savviest charge-takers in the league are. Tolliver is No. 1. read more

Anne Wilkinson still going strong after 300 career victories

OSU field hockey coach Anne Wilkinson won her 300th career game on Oct. 17 when the Buckeyes beat Indiana, 2-1, in overtime.Credit: Ben Jackson / For The LanternAs junior forward Peanut Johnson was darting in front of the net to score a game-winning overtime goal, Ohio State field hockey coach Anne Wilkinson went on as if nothing special was happening.Johnson’s goal gave OSU its first Big Ten win of the season against Indiana, and — more importantly — gave Wilkinson her 300th career victory.“That’s all we were thinking about,” Johnson said. “Just win for Anne. We’re really happy we got to be a part of her 300th.”Wilkinson, a West Chester, Pa., native, became the 15th coach in Division I field hockey history to reach the mark.Wilkinson’s assistant coach Homero Pardi picked her up after the game and the team celebrated by dumping ice on her. Wilkinson received roses and a picture frame from the team.Despite the team’s struggles this season, Wilkinson said she couldn’t have been happier for the group to be involved in the moment.“I was very touched,” Wilkinson said. “I was like, ‘Wow.’ I’m excited this group was a part of it. Our record (6-10, 1-6) doesn’t really show our work rate.”Despite the hoopla that took place, Wilkinson remained calm and humbled.“I was really just trying to get a win in the conference,” Wilkinson said. “I’m not one to focus on records, though they are big.”Wilkinson grew up on the East Coast, about an hour outside of Philadelphia. Her face is still “painted green” for her Philadelphia Eagles and she still describes herself as a “Philly girl.”After playing field hockey and lacrosse at Delaware and leading the Blue Hens to the lacrosse national title in 1983, Wilkinson moved on to become field hockey coach at American University in Washington, D.C., in 1987.A lifelong East Coast resident, it wasn’t until Wilkinson visited Columbus that she realized how much she loved the tradition at OSU.“When I came out to Ohio State and saw the playground I would get to play in, I was like, ‘Wow,’” she said. “Being a part of the Ohio State athletic department is a dream come true.”Since becoming OSU’s coach in 1996, Wilkinson has accumulated 221 victories and numerous memories, she said.In 2010, Wilkinson led OSU to the program’s first NCAA Final Four in school history after defeating Syracuse, 3-2, in overtime in the second round. She said she’d never forget then-junior midfielder Aisling Coyle throwing her stick in the air after hitting the game-winning penalty stroke.Freshman forward Annabel Sams said Wikinson always gets the best out of her players because she is something of a team mom.“We have a really good set up for warming up before games, really good pregame meal and she always makes sure we’re focused,” Sams said. “If anyone’s having issues, we can talk about it and then (Wilkinson will) tell us what to do and we really improve.”Wilkinson’s tutelage produced 22 All-Americans and 66 All-Big Ten selections in her first 18 seasons in Columbus.Despite the success, Wilkinson said she still finds it difficult to recruit top East Coast field hockey talent to come play in the Midwest.“They think we’re in a different time zone,” Wilkinson said, referencing OSU’s proximity from major talent pools like Philadelphia and New Jersey.But players often fall in love with the tradition the way Wilkinson did, she said.Wilkinson still goes home to Pennsylvania for the holidays or to check out high school field hockey action, but she has not tired from her job at OSU.The 27-year veteran coach said she wants to continue to convey her passion for the game as long as she physically is able.“I’m a coach. I’m a teacher,” she said. “This is what I really enjoy.” read more

Di Francesco laments referee decisions

first_imgAS Roma manager Eusebio Di Francesco believes that they were unfortunate with the decisions that were taken against them in their semi-final defeat to Liverpool in the Champions LeagueThe Giallorossi won the second leg at their Stadio Olimpico 4-2 on Wednesday night but were ultimately unable to overturn their three-goal deficit from the first leg this time around with Roma narrowly losing 7-6 on aggregate to Liverpool in what was their first semi-final appearance in the competition since 1984.But, while admitting that they made things difficult for themselves with the first goal, Di Francesco was left to ponder what might of happened had the match officials not made any “human errors” while wrongly ruling Edin Dzeko for offside and then later denying Roma a clear penalty when Trent Alexander-Arnold handled Stephan El Shaarawy’s shot in the box.“In the two games, Liverpool showed that they are a great team. In the second half, they were in a lot of difficulties. We complicated life for ourselves, especially with the first goal.” said the Italian, according to AS.divock origi, liverpoolReport: Origi cause Klopp injury concerns George Patchias – September 14, 2019 Divock Origi injury in today’s game against Newcastle is a cause for concern for Jurgen Klopp.Perhaps with one eye on Tuesday’s trip to Italy…On the possible penalty decision: “We’ll see on the television. The guys said that Dzeko wasn’t offside. There is not much collaboration between the referees. At the same time, they are human errors, they can get things wrong.”While disappointed to have not reached the final, Di Francesco hailed the effort of his players during the competition.“We took the symbolic chocolate medal. It’s been a long time since this team got this far. I want to always see my guys giving everything in the difficult moments like they have done.” added the Roma coach.last_img read more

Bernd Leno confident will make major boost when he returns

first_imgArsenal’s centre-back Laurent Koscielny is getting ready to make his first-team return after seven months of being away, teammate and goalkeeper Bernd Leno is confident the Frenchman will return with a major boost for the club.Leno has never played with Laurent, yet he believes the Frenchman has more value to add to the club both on and off the pitch.“In training, you see how he is talking to other players,” Leno said via club’s website.“We have many young players and he talks to them and for me he is a big personality in the team, in the dressing room.”Premier LeaguePremier League Betting: Match-day 5 Stuart Heath – September 14, 2019 Going into the Premier League’s match-day five with a gap already beginning to form at the top of the league. We will take a…“Before Tottenham, he was not in the squad but five minutes before the game he said many, many good things about the history of the game, how important it is for the fans, the club, every player, so he is the perfect captain for us.”“He is a big personality and of course he has big quality. I think we should give him the time [to play]. The coach is calm with him because he was a long time injured.”“I am happy for him that maybe he will play [against Qarabag on Thursday], I think he will play because he needs the confidence to play. His body needs also the feeling for the game.”“Of course, he trained a long time for us but the games are more difficult because the game is different for your head. I am happy for him that he will maybe start on Thursday and of course he will be an option for the next weeks in the [main] starting XI.”last_img read more