Australia’s first Esports High Performance Centre launches at the Sydney Cricket Ground

first_imgAustralia’s first “Esports High Performance Centre” has been launched at the Sydney Cricket Ground. The centre will play host to League of Legends Oceania champions LG Dire Wolves as well as female development team Supa-Stellar.Sydney has already played host to an Intel Extreme Masters. Credit: Helena Kristiansson, ESLThe esports outfits will now be embedded and join the SCG Trust’s traditional sports partners including the Sydney Swans, Sydney Sixers, Sydney Roosters, Sydney FC, Cricket NSW, Rugby Australia, AFL, NSW, NRL and the NSW Waraths.The centre is designed to aid grassroots development in esports. It’s kitted out with the latest technology and sport science, including eye tracking technology and other performance analysis tools through a partnership with the University of Technology, Sydney. The training centre will also be used as a place for visiting domestic and international teams to practice when they’re competing in Australia.Sydney Cricket and Sports Ground Trust Chief Executive Jamie Barkley commented: “It will be a game changer to have Australia’s leading esports professionals in a dedicated high performance centre in the same precinct as the best athletes and officials from the SCG and Allianz Stadium’s traditional sports. Our venues are rapidly expanding their technology offerings and partnering with professional esports entities and establishing the state of the art training centre presents an exciting opportunity.”The LG Dire Wolves became the first teams from the Oceanic region to compete at the League of Legends World Championships, showing the progress the region is making. It comes as Riot continues to push grass roots initiatives across the world, with more regional offices from the company working in local communities to drive grassroots esports initiatives. “Some international and local League of Legends esports teams already tap into traditional sporting organisation training facilities, but the SCG High Performance Centre will be one of a kind in the Oceania region. I’m excited to see how the centre will help the LG Dire Wolves elevate their game and raise the playing level for the OPL,” said Daniel Ringland, Head of Esports at Riot Games Oceania.Esports Insider says: Great initiative here over in Sydney. The grassroots level is so vitally important for the sustainability and continued growth of esports and this is a lovely step. Even though Australia was arguably a tad slow on the esports uptake, initiatives like this show the instant acceptance of the industry. When will Lords become a UK esports hub?last_img read more

Keeping watch on the great French rooster battle

first_imgShare Facebook Twitter Google + LinkedIn Pinterest By Leisa Boley Hellwarth, a dairy farmer and attorney near CelinaAllen Ginsberg, the American poet, philosopher and writer, offered the following observation about France: “You can’t escape the past in France, and yet what’s so wonderful about it is that the past and present intermingle so intangibly that it doesn’t seem to burden.” That statement pretty much describes how the French, at least many of them, value their rural heritage.Saint-Pierre-D’Oleron, France, is a village of 6,000 on the island of Oleron, off the West Coast of the country. Research indicates that it is quaint, picturesque and agrarian. Fifteen years ago, Jean-Louis Biron and Joelle Andrieux, a couple from Limoges (city of 137,000 in Southwestern Central France known for its decorated porcelain) built a vacation home in Saint-Pierre-D’Oleron because of the tranquility the island offered.Apparently Jean-Louis and Joelle did not get the memo about France valuing its agrarian roots. Their neighbor, Corinne Fesseau, a 35-year resident of Saint-Pierre-D’Oleron and a retired waitress and singer, lives on the very edge of the village with her husband and their rooster, Maurice. And Maurice has the audacity to crow in the morning at 6:30 a.m., as roosters will do and have been doing for centuries. No one else in the village seems to notice or to care, but Jean-Louis and Joelle asked Corrine to give the rooster a new home because of the disruption to their solitude. When she refused, they sued her and accused the rooster of noise pollution. The matter went before the court in Rochefort on July 4, 2019. Many supporters of Maurice were present outside the government building, including some roosters. A decision in the matter is anticipated on Sept. 5 of this year.What makes this an exceptional case is the fact that the rooster is a national symbol of France. A French citizen complaining about a rooster crowing is akin to an American complaining about a bald eagle flying. While this case has no impact whatsoever on U.S. law, we can learn from the French on this one, at least so far.When Corinne declined to find Maurice a new home and was sued, she started an online movement that has over 120,000 signatures of French citizens supporting the right of Maurice to crow. Mayors in small towns all over France have joined the movement to “defend Maurice.” The mayor of Saint-Pierre-D’Oleron was quoted as proclaiming “We have French values that are classic, and we have to defend them. One of those traditions is to have farm animals. If you come to Oleron, you have to accept what’s here.” Further, the mayor supported a municipal ordinance that proclaimed the need to “preserve the rural character of Saint-Pierre-D’Oleron.” Although the measure is largely symbolic, it sends a clear message about his support of Maurice.The mayor also offered his opinion that “we no longer tolerate each other.” Since this is the case, the traditional sounds of the countryside should be protected. The mayor described an earlier complaint by another owner of a vacation home who requested the church bells be silenced.Maurice has become a national cause in the country. This is the classic situation, not unique to France, where outsiders come to the countryside to enjoy the countryside then try to impose their urban or suburban standards on it.The mayor of Gajac, a rural town in the South of France called on the French government to list distinctive elements of the French rural sound scape as part of the national protected cultural heritage.The French don’t just talk about rural issues, either. For example, in 2014, in protest of low food prices, French farmers dumped manure, rats and potatoes in Paris. In 2018, the two major farmers unions, FNSEA and Jeunes Agriculteurs (Young Farmers) blockaded a number of oil refineries and fuel depots across the country because oil giant Total was importing palm oil for use in biofuels. The farmers denounced this as unfair competition which jeopardizes their livelihood, particularly that of farmers who produce rapeseed oil which is used for biofuel. Throughout history, there are numerous other instances of civil disobedience by farmers in France that have kept their farming sector viable.Back to the matter of Maurice, Corinne seems optimistic about the upcoming verdict. The good news is that the life of Maurice is not on the line. The plaintiffs requested removal of the rooster, not termination. Here’s hoping that Maurice has something to crow about in September!last_img read more

6 Useful Blending Modes in After Effects

first_imgWe shed some light on our 6 favorite blending modes in After Effects.One of the quickest ways to add stylization to your video or images in After Effects is to use a blending mode. With just a few clicks you can radically change the look and feel of your composition.Blending modes (also called transfer modes) are ‘mini-effects’ that can easily be applied to any layer in your composition to make it interact with the layers beneath. Transfer modes can serve as a quick keying utility, a color effect, or even a silhouetting tool.Below we’ve rounded up a list of our 6 favorite blending modes to use in After Effects. However, you can use the transfer modes mentioned in this post in Premiere and Photoshop as well.1. ScreenScreen is a blending mode that is used to get rid of the dark parts of your image. The Screen blending mode allows you to composite elements on a black background into your scene. You will typically use this blending mode in a VFX context as most VFX elements usually come either pre-keyed or on a black background.For example if we had this image:and put in this snow elementWe can apply a the Screen transfer mode to composite the snow into the final image.2. MultiplyMultiply is the exact opposite of Screen. Instead of taking out the dark parts, Multiply takes out the light parts of your image. While Multiply can be used for a variety of different circumstances, I typically use it to add grungy textures to my compositions.For example if we had this image:and wanted to add this image:We could simply add a Multiply effect to create a grungy effect.3. AddLike Screen, the Add transfer mode leaves only the highlights of the image while removing the dark parts. However, Add goes one step further. Add, as the name implies, adds its color values to the image below causing the image to greatly increase in brightness.Practically this can be used for any number of purposes. I typically use this transfer mode to simulate lighting in my composition such as lens flares or light leaks.For example if we had this image:And wanted to create a ‘Hipster’ style light leak we could put this masked out solid layer on top.Then we could apply the transfer mode Add to create this stylized light leak look.4. Classic Color Burn or Color BurnIn line with Multiply, the Color Burn transfer modes will darken your image. However, Color Burn differentiates itself in a way that it blends with the background. As the name implies it creates a burned look, making it great for grunge and vintage looks. Highlights are retained when using the color burn effect. Color Burn is typically used to add a dirty vintage effect.For example if we had this image:and applied this image to the top of the composition:We would end up with this:5. OverlayOverlay changes the color of the mid-tones while preserving the light and dark parts of your image. Overlay is typically used to add stylized elements into your composition. The following example is an image with a green solid with the Overlay transfer modes applied.6. Soft LightSoft Light is very similar to the Overlay transfer mode. However, Soft Light tends to be very subtle whereas Overlay is more noticeable. Here’s the same layer on the same image with the Soft Light transfer mode applied instead of Overlay.If you want to learn more about using blending modes check out a few of the following resources:1. Adobe Premiere Pro Blending Modes – Adobe2. Photoshop Blend Modes Explained – PhotoBlogStop3. Gradient Maps and Blend Modes in After Effects – PremiumBeatWant to take our After Effects skills to the next level? Check out the After Effects section of the PremiumBeat blog where we have hundreds of articles and tutorials dedicated to helping you become a better motion artist.What transfer modes to you use the most? Share in the comments below.last_img read more

10 months agoChelsea linked as Lyon coach Genesio leaves Fekir out of Cup squad

first_imgChelsea linked as Lyon coach Genesio leaves Fekir out of Cup squadby Paul Vegas10 months agoSend to a friendShare the loveLyon coach Bruno Genesio has sparked transfer talk after leaving Nabil Fekir out of his squad this weekend.The Mirror says Lyon have left skipper Fekir out of their squad for their French Cup clash this weekend.The French playmaker stayed with Lyon in the summer after his proposed move to Liverpool fell through.Fekir looked set to stay until the end of the season at least, although he has just 18 months remaining on his contract. But just days into the January transfer window, he has been suspiciously omitted from the squad for the clash with fifth-tier Bourges Foot.Fekir has also attracted interest from Chelsea in recent months with Liverpool’s interest in the playmaker seemingly ending in the summer. TagsTransfersAbout the authorPaul VegasShare the loveHave your saylast_img read more

a month agoDONE DEAL: Juventus announce Andrea Barzagli return

first_imgDONE DEAL: Juventus announce Andrea Barzagli returnby Carlos Volcanoa month agoSend to a friendShare the loveAndrea Barzagli has returned to Juventus.The retired defender has been named a technical assistant to coach Maurizio Sarri.His official title is Technical Collaborator of the First Team and he will begin his duties as early as tomorrow.The pleasure is all ours! Good to have you back, @andreabarzagli2!— JuventusFC (@juventusfcen) September 25, 2019 TagsTransfersAbout the authorCarlos VolcanoShare the loveHave your saylast_img read more

The SEC Is Reportedly Lifting Its Ban On Satellite Camps Too

first_imgSEC logoCould the SEC be added to its 14-team total?Update No. 2: SEC Commissioner Greg Sankey has released a statement on the matter. Statement from SEC commissioner Greg Sankey on satellite camps.— Barrett Sallee (@BarrettSallee) April 28, 2016Update No. 1 : The ACC often votes in line with the SEC, and it is also following suit in lifting its own satellite camp ban, according to ESPN’s Andrea Adelson. Decision today means the ACC has changed its league rule to match the NCAA rule: Satellite camps are now allowed. Go forth and camp …— Andrea Adelson (@aadelsonESPN) April 28, 2016Earlier: The conference in most opposition to satellite camps has been the SEC, with much of these camps being held in their territory. With the NCAA reversing its stance on the camps, announcing today that the ban has been lifted, the SEC is now changing its mind on them, too. According to Bleacher Report’s Barrett Sallee, the SEC’s ban on satellite camps will be lifted on May 29.  Confirmed that, without a national ban, the SEC’s ban on satellite camps will be lifted on May 29.— Barrett Sallee (@BarrettSallee) April 28, 2016Hugh Freeze isn’t going to be happy. The Ole Miss coach doesn’t like them because they take him away from his family in the offseason.  Hugh Freeze responds to Jim Harbaugh’s comments on refusing to “work harder” and not being a “kindred spirit”— Andrew Doughty (@Adoughty88) April 13, 2016Will we get to see an SEC team hold a satellite camp in Columbus or Ann Arbor? That’d be fun.last_img read more

Greg Schiano cited for minor misdemeanor offense in traffic accident

Ohio State associate head coach and co-defensive coordinator Greg Schiano was cited by the Columbus Division of Police for failure to obey a traffic control device. The citation is a minor misdemeanor offense. The accident occurred Thursday morning at the intersection of West Lane Avenue and Fred Taylor Drive. Schiano’s vehicle hit a 26-year-old, male bicyclist who was taken to the Ohio State Wexner Medical Center.The Columbus police said that the victim was transported in critical condition with a head injury, but Sgt. Brooke Wilson, who was at the scene, said at the scene on Thursday that the bicyclist is expected to survive. There has been no update on the condition of the bicyclist.Schiano is scheduled to appear before a judge on Oct. 5 at 9 a.m. The traffic fine is $55 and, including court fees, the total cost due by Schiano is $152. read more

Rigors of the Ohio State mens hockey team excursion to Alaska

“It’s just another weekend,” said Mark Osiecki, coach of Ohio State men’s ice hockey, of his team’s trip to Fairbanks, Alaska, this week. But that notion might be a bit of a stretch. The team, which travels by bus for most away games, made the nearly 4,000 mile excursion by air Wednesday. After three plane rides and two layovers, the Buckeyes arrived in Fairbanks at about 3:20 a.m. EST Thursday, according to Osiecki’s Twitter account, @Osiecki24. OSU began preparing for its two-game series against the Alaska Nanooks the next morning. Friday night’s series opener is set for 11:05 p.m. EST, less than 48 hours after OSU’s transcontinental trip. Sophomore forward Max McCormick, who has never been to Alaska, said his upperclassmen teammates were helpful in explaining what to expect. “I think it’s just a matter of getting the trip over with and then getting our bodies ready and getting our minds focused,” McCormick said. “We’re used to the long road trips. We’ll know how to get our bodies ready.” Although the players are primarily focused on the task at hand on the ice, they are excited about getting to visit America’s northernmost state. “We only have a few kids that have made this trip, kids are looking forward to it,” Osiecki said Wednesday on Twitter. McCormick agreed. “It’s a long trip, but other than that I think it’s a pretty cool opportunity,” he said. The juniors and seniors on the team will be making a return trip to Fairbanks after a two-game series there in 2011. The Nanooks outscored the Buckeyes, 7-2, en route to a series sweep. Junior forward Chris Crane remembered it being a “rough trip,” one in which the airline lost the team’s luggage. “You get on three different planes throughout the day, and you’re traveling for 10 hours, it definitely takes a toll on your body,” Crane said. “I’m definitely going to be looking forward to getting to the hotel there and getting settled in.” The players and coaching staff have not made any excuses for potential poor play as a result of the travel demands. “It’s what every team has to go through throughout some point in their college career,” Crane said. “We’ll be ready to go Friday night.” read more

55 year old businessman Gary Mead killed during early morning robbery

first_imgFacebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsApp Facebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsAppProvidenciales, TCI, October 3, 2016 – On Friday morning the sixth murder for the country was recorded.  55 year old American businessman, Gary Mead was shot multiple times in a robbery.  The suspects, two dark males, got away on foot with property which is likely cash and other company items.  Magnetic Media learned that Mead, who ran the Slots of Fun at the Airport Hotel here in Provo where the crime happened, also owned a gun; it is unclear if that was found on the scene.    Police need help to solve the case.  Call Crime Stoppers at 1-800-TIPS or 1-800-8477. Related Items:55 year old Gary Mead killed during a robbery, country records its sixth murderlast_img read more