Do not mistake the wrong time to strengthen the farm services

in March the plateau earth temperature warmer, farmers began a year of hard work. This year’s soil moisture? Land preparation for spring sowing preparation is ready? Agricultural products supply is in place? The afternoon of March 18th, mayor Wang Yubo led the Municipal Committee, Datong county Party Secretary Song Chenxi, vice mayor Jin Jiuchen and relevant departments, in-depth Changning Datong County Rural Town, the field view of soil moisture, understand the seeds, fertilizers and pesticides for agricultural products supply situation, investigation and inspection of the city land preparation for spring sowing work.
in Datong Qiaotou county seed station, Wang Yubo asked the county must ensure good quality grain supply. He stressed that a year’s plan is in the spring. The spring season farming day can not miss the District, the relevant departments must strengthen the service consciousness, smooth rural rural services channels, strengthen the seeds, fertilizers and pesticides and agricultural material dispatching reserve, strict quality of agricultural materials, so that the farmers to facilitate the timely use of "assured", "assured fertilizer", "entactogen".
into Huang Datong County Zhaizhen agriculture supply and marketing cooperatives in the shop, Wang Yubo asked in detail about the purchase channels, sales etc.. He pointed out that farmers do not serve the wrong day, not wrong farming. Supply and marketing cooperatives is an important carrier of government services for agriculture, rural areas and farmers. City supply and marketing cooperatives should strive to achieve full coverage of the supply and marketing cooperatives, in ensuring the basic needs of farmers at the same time, and actively expand the business space, in the service of the content of the three rural areas, form further. The county government, Datong city supply and marketing cooperatives to borrow on the province of Datong County identified as the province’s comprehensive reform of supply and marketing cooperatives County in the East, go all out, push forward the comprehensive reform of supply and marketing cooperatives, and strive to make a demonstration in the province, the supply and marketing cooperatives development in our city to boost to a new level.

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