Let people see the new changes in the National People’s Congress

February 21st, the Municipal People’s Congress party held the party’s mass line educational practice mobilization meeting, the Standing Committee of the party and the government to make arrangements for educational practice.

Zou Jiansheng, director of the NPC Standing Committee Party Secretary

pointed out that to recognize the significance of seriously in the education practice, practical thinking and action to the provincial Party committee, municipal Party committee requirements, general requirements, accurately grasp the education activities of the main content, a key force and key links, do in-depth understanding of learning, thinking deeply understanding, action on the comprehensive practice, take this important political task. Municipal People’s Congress Party and government organs as the second batch of educational practice in the unit, adhere to high standards and strict requirements, high quality, in strict accordance with the requirements of the municipal Party committee in an orderly manner, to conscientiously implement the general requirements, always adhere to the leadership, accurately grasp the methods and steps into consideration four measures to promote the work of the carefully organized and implemented to ensure effectiveness of educational practice activities, to improve the quality of representative, to play the role of deputies, on behalf of the people will see results. At the same time, to grasp the main task of rectification spirit to resolve outstanding issues, efforts to find and rectification of the outstanding problems in all aspects of existence, the disadvantages of the style, the behavior to a large scale investigation, overhaul, cleaning, targeted to solve the outstanding problems four winds, and truly let the people and the National People’s Congress see the new changes, the NPC organs on behalf of the new Congress cadres of the weather.


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