Million people on foot passion staged 20

July 15th, the Chinese water tower in Xining in 2014 to cool the Chinese dream Valley Cup International foot Festival press conference held in our city. Reporters at the press conference that the current international walking festival sponsored by the Xining Municipal People’s government, the Qinghai Provincial Sports Bureau, the State Sports General Administration of mountaineering management center; Xining Municipal Sports Bureau, Qinghai mountaineering management center contractor, will be on the morning of July 20th at the Qinghai International Exhibition Center opened, more than 10000 people attended the hike.

it is understood that the activities of the project is divided into 27.3 km race team and the experience of the 10 km race, divided into men and women of the two groups of two. The competition team is 18 years old to the age of 50 years of age; the experience group is from the age of 12 to the age of one year old. The two groups are from the Qinghai International Convention and Exhibition Center, respectively, according to the results of the men’s and women’s top 40 and the admission of the 200. Currently, the number of participants has more than 10000 people. The international hiking Festival is different from the previous year, this year a special addition to the race team to complete the whole Memorial Award, in order to encourage contestants. In addition, the Municipal Sports Bureau will also be recommended to the community within 200 km of Xining tourism circle hiking routes.

it is reported that in 2014 Xining "Chinese water tower walking cool Chinese dream Valley Cup International Walking Festival with the construction of life of the city, the city of happiness," natural, healthy walk "as the theme, through the sports development of tourism and cultural integration, to create the plateau international sports brand events, attract domestic and foreign hikers to experience low carbon travel, further improve the" xiadou Xining "reputation and influence.

in addition, the reporter was informed that the traffic control will be implemented during the event. According to the "People’s Republic of China road traffic safety law" provisions of article thirty-ninth, on July 20th 8:00 to 15:00 will be on the part of the road I Nanchuan City Industrial Park Road, the implementation of the time zone of the continued intermittent traffic control. The specific traffic control for road: Nanjing Road, gardener Road, Newcastle Avenue, in green road, Chuangye Road, Huangzhong county and Tongan Road, Fort, Lotus Lake Park, Bahrain fragrant card hotel.


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