Crackdown on illegal drug production and management in Xining

July 30th, the reporter learned from the food and Drug Administration held in Xining City, the drug "two special action two" mobilization meeting, from now until the end of the year, within the city will carry out a field to crack down on illegal drug production, and strengthen the fight against drug illegal drug production and construction, strengthen the construction of standardized management the regulatory mechanism of drugs as the main content of the "two two" special action.

it is reported that this special action, "two" key is the pharmaceutical production enterprises, medical clinics and Internet investigation, inspection, drug safety problems with deep regional and systemic signs and "unspoken rule" in nature, to crack down in (Tibet) drugs and chemicals of illegal production, joint the relevant departments to crack down on the illegal sale of drugs online behavior, illegal business activities against lending business qualification of drug properties, strict regulation of illegal drug marketing behavior clinic. "Two" is the main construction specification and building mechanism, to highlight the problems found and the crux of the problem, introduced some madegood really solid policy move to fight to build a combination, to promote the construction of a building, the drug safety norms and institutionalized work pattern. Strive through six-month special action, so that the main responsibility for the pharmaceutical production enterprises to further standardize the behavior more clearly, and online sales of drugs act under control and medical clinics use drug procurement legal compliance, to ensure the safety and effectiveness of public administration. (author: Wang Xiaofang)

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