County Zhejiang Province to carry out the new countryside new life theme series reading activitie

for the further implementation of the CPC and the spirit of the the sixth Plenary Session of the 17th CPC Central Committee on the construction of learning party and learning oriented society, deepening the "scholarly xiadou" national reading activities, promote the township cadres and the masses to cultivate a strong reading interest, create a scholarly family organization, campus, scholarly book incense, to enhance the political quality of the township cadres and the masses, theory literacy, moral cultivation, culture level and comprehensive ability. Castle Peak Township continued to carry out the "new countryside, new life" as the theme of the series of activities.

one is to play the role of the farm house , promote the development of rural culture. In order to effectively solve the problem of "hard to buy books, difficult to borrow books and difficult to read" for the masses of farmers, to achieve the basic cultural rights and interests of farmers. Castle Township 16 villages have all got access to the farm house, and free for the masses to provide books, guide farmers to read more books and read good books, establish science and technology rich consciousness, the cultivation of new farmers.

two is in rural middle school to carry out "reading, happiness, growth" theme of practical activities. Through the competition to promote reading, to award incentive methods, organize students to sing, recite poems, essays, new song dancing, and started reading classical poetry craze in the hearts of students, let the traditional virtues of the Chinese nation and the national spirit deeply rooted in every child’s heart.

three is in the township authorities to further deepen the reading activities. Create a "learning, thinking of research, to enhance the quality, exercise ability, dedication of the work atmosphere, enhance the overall quality of Party members and cadres, so that all the staff will be reading and learning achievements into new ideas and methods of planning work, to do a line to cultivate, love line, drill a line from a small start, start from the details, do everything work attitude, work style.


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