49 thousand and 800 party members into the community to do the work of bright identity

cumulative investment of 3 million 557 thousand yuan for the masses to do practical things good

Qinghai news network, Hello, old man, we come to see you." June 30th afternoon, the provincial quality supervision and inspection of the 10 members of the party, to the area of poor households to carry out condolences to the activities of the 5. This is this year, the province’s party members into the community where they work, report to the community, make friends with the masses, for the masses to do the true portrayal of practical things.

I adhere to the working party report to the community service work for the masses, as an effective starting point for the party’s mass line of educational practice, as an important measure of the construction of service-oriented party organization, and promote the orderly organization. After the party members into the community, claiming service posts to help the needy, by the masses. 71 approaching, the party members of the province in line with the mass line of educational practice, this activity will lead to in-depth.

June 25th, Cold Lake Road Community Party branch 90, invite the community with Liu Ernian old party party member for 48 years, a vivid lectures for the community working party. Liu Ernian’s life is closely linked with the fate of the party and the country, he used his own experience about the party’s loyalty and love of life. The old man’s simple words, set an example for everyone, his story reflects an old party members adhere to the faith and always adhere to the party’s faith.

this year, to promote the working party members into the community as bright things, based on the actual distribution of the working party and members of the community, I take a single, pair, expertise, team four ways to carry out services, a specific work to resolve the practical difficulties of the masses.

Xining Longtai community to carry out "a small wish, for you to achieve" activities, organize regular working party members focus on the difficult people claim, put forward "to a refrigerator" want to buy an electric wheelchair grandma "wish by the whole establishment report of the Party branch members together to help complete the Golog Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture state organization; in Maqin County, party and government organs and institutions serving more than 1200 party members to the 6 communities of Dawu town report, to take one or more of a way, by serving members of households with a relatively fixed helping pair," a "help" helped "; Xining new bridge community organization public security, industry and commerce, taxation and other service units of the working party, carry out" for the masses as a member of the agency "activities, the masses moving mouth, 71 West Community Party cadres errands; for working Party members into the community activities to build a service platform, so that they can claim their services according to their own expertise, apply for referees, staff, volunteers and athletes. These activities, so that party members continue to integrate into the community, to understand the community, community care, and enhance our sense of community identity, sense of belonging, to enhance the participation of community voluntary service consciousness.

reporter learned from the provincial Party Committee Organization Department, as of now, the province has 49 thousand and 800 party members to report to the community, accounting for 32.7% of the total number of Party members in the province, claiming service;

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