West of the masses will have their own art center

West District grassroots mass performance groups up to two hundred or three hundred performances a year, they are about to have a professional training and venues. To further enhance the cultural quality of the masses, the west district is building a mass culture and art center.

West District People’s art and cultural center construction in Jiahao International Plaza five, the district purchased 3468 square meters of commercial housing for the construction of cultural and artistic center, is currently building a multi-purpose hall, exhibition hall, multi-function hall, leisure reading area etc.. At present, the west district people spontaneously organized theatrical performances up to 55 teams, covering the chorus, dance, folk music and many other categories, the number of participants reached more than 3000 people. Some performing teams have a certain artistic level, can undertake all kinds of mass theatrical performances. However, these grassroots groups generally do not have a special performance rehearsal venues, equipment shortages, old and other issues, sometimes in order to perform, and some teams also rent instruments. In recent years, the West District in the service of the grassroots, serving the masses of the concept of the people, a certain amount of manpower, material and financial resources, and actively coordinate the grassroots organizations to help solve practical difficulties and problems. This year, the region to further increase the performance of materials and funds support in the group of grassroots art, district financial investment funds for the 6 area has the development potential of the art group distribution of clothing, props, etc. more than 500 sets of instruments. (author: small words)

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