The introduction of poor relief assistance system

2016 in December 22nd, the provincial government issued the "Qinghai Province poor relief personnel support measures" (hereinafter referred to as the "measures"), decided to improve the rural five guarantees, city three noes low relief and security system integration for the plight of children and poor relief personnel support system in the province to establish a comprehensive urban and rural policy convergence, standardized operation, and economic and social development to adapt to the level of the poor relief personnel support system. "Measures" since January 1, 2017 implementation.

it is understood that the "measures" provisions, the province’s rural five city three no staff to support the standard for 7200 yuan / year, compared to the original standard increased 1204 yuan and 2400 yuan. For those included in the scope of support for mild, moderate, severe disability, were issued 252 yuan per month, $378 and $630 in care and care subsidies for the provision of care services. In the content of aid and support, clear the basic life support, care and care, disease relief, funeral services four support services. In the rescue support standards, changed in the past simply by way of support to determine support standard practice, will help to support the standard is divided into the basic living standards and standards of care, on the basis of equal enjoyment of basic living standard on the basis of poor self-care ability and service demand classification formulation, reflecting differences. Among them, the basic living standards by the city’s minimum living standard of 1.5 times. Nursing care standards mild, moderate, severe disability were 20%, respectively, according to the province’s minimum wage of 30%, 50%. In the form of aid and support, give priority to the full or partial loss of self-care ability of poor people to provide centralized support services.

at the same time, to ensure the effective implementation of the system, the "measures" put forward specific safeguard measures in organization and leadership, system cohesion, financial security, supervision and management, social participation, publicity and other aspects of the policy, especially clear and other social assistance system and cohesion at the county level people’s government should be poor support funds, government support service operation costs included in the budget.


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