Reduce the burden of enterprises and residents in our province continue to reduce administrative fee

In order to further reduce the burden on businesses and residents, according to the state of the lower part of the administrative fees of the work plan, recently, the provincial development and Reform Commission jointly with the Provincial Department of Finance jointly issued "on the lower part of the administrative fees notice", decided since October 1, 2013, reducing the 15 standards of the 11 departments of administrative fees and 1 business of notary fees.

it is understood that the reduced charges mainly involved in housing construction, public security, justice, transportation and other sectors, including the vehicle mortgage registration fees, private passport fee (lost replacement), notary fees (proof of property inheritance, gift, bequest, accept) domestic plant quarantine fee, registration fee and acceptance of trademark translation professional qualifications (level), health professional and technical qualification, veterinary qualification, registered geotechnical engineer qualification examination fees etc.. The notary fee of property inheritance, gift, bequest to accept fees charged by the original, according to a fixed proportion, instead of decreasing piecewise cumulative charge, and significantly reduce the vehicle; mortgage registration fees from the current 100 yuan per second per second 70 yuan; private passport fee (due to the loss of a replacement passport) from the current each of the 400 yuan fell to 200 yuan each in this paper; the trademark registration fees for registration, from the current 1000 yuan each to 800 yuan each; domestic plant quarantine fee and examination fee charges significantly decline.

reduce the fees can significantly reduce the burden on enterprises and society. Provincial Development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of finance will urge municipalities, states and relevant departments to strictly enforce the notification requirements, shall not delay or refuse to perform any reason. All levels of change, the financial sector will strengthen the supervision and inspection of the implementation of the case, according to the provisions of the reduction of fees, will be punished in accordance with the relevant provisions, and shall be responsible for the administrative responsibility. (author: Lina)


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