Xining agricultural machinery and public security departments to carry out ping an agricultural insu

with the advent of the autumn harvest, Xining Agricultural Supervision by the Ministry of public security and the traffic police department jointly carry out the safe agricultural activities to escort the farmers.

August 9th, reporters from Xining City Agricultural Commissioner to understand, even the day law enforcement officers were deployed 1495 times further roads, villages and agricultural production safety inspection, inspection of agricultural machinery 3913 (Taiwan), correct illegal 1134. Total remediation black car 392 units, clean the non driving, the 709, urging the tractor registration listing of 53, for a driver’s license for the 69. Xining City, the initial establishment of a safe agricultural demonstration counties 1, demonstration villages and towns of the 10, the demonstration village of 70, demonstration households, 770.

Xining City Agricultural Commissioner Wu Zhiqiang told reporters that the responsible person, in order to ensure the safety of agricultural harvest, work style, agricultural supervision staff to change the focus of subsidence, on-site service, inspection to the countryside, improve the tractor inspection work. So far, Xining City, 50 thousand tractors on record, the driver in charge of 43 thousand people. In the organization of the "road traffic law", "Agricultural Mechanization Promotion Law", "Regulations" and other laws and regulations study, issuing leaflets 14 thousand and 200 copies of the manual issued agricultural safety knowledge 3790, distribution and exhibition of agricultural machinery safety chart 2140 copies, issued agricultural safety warning readers of 5273 the number of education reached 21 thousand people. (author: Shen Weizu)


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