Reflect the natural and cultural characteristics of Xining will be a symbol of Tourism

concise, good publicity language and lively city tourism logo, often to the city tourism image publicity can not be replaced. From the beginning of March this year, Xining tourism image slogan and the main sign collection, has initially produced more than and 10 finalists, slogan and logo logo publicity language talent shows itself, easy to pronounce, vivid, will refresh the image of Xining propaganda.

a fireworks in March under the Yangzhou, wrote the charm of Yangzhou in March, but also to the Yangzhou tourism publicity brought about by the effect of non echo. In recent years, many tourist cities (regions) have their own slogan, logo, the romantic capital of Dalian, the capital city of Hongkong and so on, to the visitors left a deep impression. In order to increase the Xining tourism promotion and marketing efforts to create the overall image of Xining tourism, Xining tourism prominent features and advantages, enhance the visibility and influence of Xining City, Xining city also faces the society extensive collection of tourism image slogan and the main sign. A month of solicitation received extensive attention from Zhejiang, Sichuan, Guangdong and Shanghai, Hongkong and other more than and 20 provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the central government, tourists and professionals and actively participate in, has received a total of 6548 banners, the main sign 455.

after repeated screening, 20 publicity slogans, 12 publicity entries into the check. August 12th, the selection of these works will be submitted to the selection of the final selection, Professor Lin Xichun, Professor Xie, a well-known scholar, such as experts and scholars involved in the selection of white fish, 3 slogans and the promotion of the 3 finalists. These reflect the nature of Xining, humanities and other works, will contribute to the promotion of the image of Xining.


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