What kind of shop in town to make money

with the narrowing of the gap between urban and rural areas, farmers’ lives are getting better and better. Rich living conditions, so that they also know to enjoy life. Many entrepreneurs choose to make money in the direction of the object will be aligned with the city, but I do not know the current township market more opportunities. Open a small store in the town, but also allows you to easily start a quick profit.

with the increase of people’s living standards and the concept of renewal, elderly services socialization, specialization, industrialization, and the number of children of migrant workers Empty Nester, will become the industry’s unique rural.

natural fertilizer industry

natural fertilizer is referred to as farm manure, natural fertilizer in addition to improve the quality, but also to meet the market demand of "green", this is the basic requirement for the market of agricultural products. On the other hand, the natural fertilizer industry is the ultimate destination of urban waste, natural fertilizer production can be artificial, factory, industrialization.

with agricultural products gradually with the international market, matchmaking in the circulation of agricultural products is becoming more and more important, the broker will also present the industrial scale. The broker is not simply to get to the basket from the cart, "linking" radish vitamin, also to have the expertise to participate in international market competition.

farm machinery rental shop


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