What are the advantages of air conditioning fan

air conditioning fan? The best choice for a cool summer. Undoubtedly, for business with a small capital of the entrepreneur, is very has the advantage of the brand to join the project choice. Air conditioning fans to join the project, the hot entrepreneurial projects. So, what are you waiting for?

air conditioning fans to make money?

is a combination of air conditioning air conditioning fan and fan body, it also combines the advantages of the corresponding air conditioning fan, and specifically: first, air conditioning blowing machine is the wind, and in a closed environment, easy to let a person have the feeling of discomfort. Although the fan is natural wind, but if the environment is very dirty, the wind blowing too dirty, and we may still feel hot. While a majority of air conditioning fan has a dust removing net can filter the air, if the dust net and a layer of photocatalyst also can play a bactericidal effect.

second, a wide range of applicability. Due to the application of dehumidifier can be used in the rainy season, the north and south of the wet area. But sometimes the temperature is not very high, and the waste of air conditioning, open fan and feel hot, in this case, the air conditioning fan is the most suitable. Air conditioning fan room temperature regulation than the air conditioning is too mild, cool, but also reduce the incidence of air conditioning.

third, cheap. Air conditioning is expensive, electricity is astronomical, but also scrub every year, a few years later to replace a. Air conditioning fan with water as the working medium, cheaper than the current air conditioning, easy maintenance, suitable for mass consumption. We can calculate a bill: a fan more than and 100, an air conditioning fan five hundred or six hundred, an air conditioner, two thousand or three thousand. That is to say two fans for an air conditioner fan, air conditioning fan for eight sets of an air conditioner, the price gap is thus remarkable; see electricity, general household electricity consumption in more than and 60 months, but if the use of air conditioning, 100 a month that is for sure, in the refrigeration and air conditioning fan start and only 60-80W refrigerator. The total count, air conditioning fan is much cheaper, but also more cost-effective.

fourth, energy saving. This is in line with China’s energy situation. The cooling tower model of air conditioning system with both spray cooling technology or ordinary cooling technology, the compressor dehumidification dehumidifier, or the use of semiconductor dehumidification, the energy consumption between 350-500W, about half of the air conditioner, there is no doubt that it is in power saving and energy saving, although it’s slightly inferior to the cooling capacity of air conditioning, but the harm to human body is very small.

fifth, environmental protection. Air conditioning outside of the heat of the air emissions immeasurable, I believe we are all experienced. When we walked outside the air conditioning will feel hot pressing, and the poor quality of the sound is great, which will increase the heat and noise to the atmosphere. Air conditioning fan does not exist such interference problems.

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