Small beautiful shop to create Amoy out of the market

is actually a lot of pavement can be regarded as a beautiful shop, but how can we have these beautiful shop? Look at the "experts" is how to wash it.

1, street shop. Due to the flow of people gathered in the street shop, and operating independently, only by the impact of the commercial atmosphere and other shops are not related to the business. Mature communities often store intensive, to determine whether the market street shop, can also refer to Kentucky index: if there are two or three similar in a region of the clothing store, is enough to explain its market in the region is good.

2, not scattered shopping malls. The investment of large shopping malls and shops, shopping malls do not have lots, design, price, must look at the mall marketing means is to sell or rent, if the rental which depends on the proportion of rent or sell a large proportion. Large shopping malls, management is not good to a large extent because of the sale of scattered reasons.

3, the main road between the two main road shops. Do not think there is no traffic in the road and business. In fact, the main road due to the car to catch people and can not retain consumer groups, and the secondary road with convenient traffic on both sides of the main road, easy to attract people to come in.

4, mall small shop. Small shops generally less than 10 square meters, not only low cost, but also easy to rent, bear the risk of small, suitable for small investors.

5, Wang will not flourishing shops. From the business point of view can be divided into shops Wang, Wang Wang Wang and three types of preheating. Market prices and rents are high, only part of the rental income after investment. The beginning of the new lease, is in the warm-up phase, people less, at least to keep a business two years to warm after entering the shop, but also can do Wang can not expect a big risk. Wang will not flourishing shops not only gathered a certain popularity, its late development can also be predicted, there is room for appreciation. Although the cost of investment is high, but keep the cold Shop time is short, the return can be immediately reflected.


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