What steps do you need to open a restaurant Five steps to success

introduction: many people think is full of high profit catering industry the rise of wealth, but a lot of people because of lack of experience is often at a loss. How to open a restaurant? What steps do you need to open a restaurant? This series of problems are plagued by a lot of inexperienced entrepreneurs, the following article and share the successful opening of the restaurant five steps.

The first step:



earlier in the United States has worked in a number of Western restaurants He Sheng think: there will be a place where there is food demand, there is no kind of lot is absolutely good, absolutely bad, the key is to see if there is no one to. In this regard, the location is the location of the key, he said: do not greedy all over the world all the dishes, clear what you want, what your customers want, how much money in their pockets, the core competitiveness from where? This is the premise of positioning, if you don’t know what you want, and blindly follow suit, its natural odds no more.

The second step:



If the

identified himself to a line of business, business banquets, home cooked fast food, such as Western-style food, then on the site, in addition to consider values of stability and maturity, the flow of people, traffic, pedestrian route calculation usually should pay attention to the outside, He Sheng said: the different according to the location, some of the specific details, but also gives full consideration to.

"live food", such as the location to consider walking convenience; fast food, need to consider this location can bring you over Taiwan times; and business is to pay attention to the face, if the location itself if a face, you are half the battle.

summary location in recent years in the city he opened restaurant, He Sheng has some experience. His experience is: to the site as the center, if 3~5 kilometer radius is more than 200 thousand of the consumer population, the investment is to make money guarantee. In addition, with the subway opened, near the subway exit side of the lot will be more people, such as sports, parks, parks, etc., these are flourishing. If the office do business, it is best to choose between the office and shop in the station, because he found that: whether home or entertainment, bus station or subway station to go a long way to escape from the "Office of the white-collar workers, but who do not love to go back, even if it is to go the one or two step.

but in the calculation on the rent, he has a reminder: many suitable lots have on hand and your money should be relative, remember to store rent costs in any case cannot exceed the expected turnover of 20%, or certainly earn money.

The third step:



The kitchen is a

core products, the ultimate purpose of consumption is to diners in restaurants to eat. In selected sites, He Sheng said: the operator must be clear what is the core of the flagship restaurant, the target consumer consumption characteristics, product line, price etc.. The chef now

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