What is the cost and investment of the cake shop

How much is the cost and investment of

cake shop? Monthly sales can be? Follow China’s catering industry demand, many people chose to open a cake shop, cake shop for investment, the investment cost and income analysis it is to listen to a small shop to make a cake for you,


money demand:

1, shop rent: 30 thousand / year (30 square meters) Street Central Primary School near

2, decoration: 10 thousand

3, equipment: 20 thousand

4, certificate license: around 2000

5, manager of 30 thousand annual salary: 1; 3 employees a total of 60 thousand per year, a total of 90 thousand / year.

decoration and equipment is a one-time investment, so it is not included in the annual cost, a rough estimate of the fixed cost in about 120 thousand years.

Analysis of

How many

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