How to fight against illegal posters in the city? Glasgow tried in an unusual way

first_imgFestivals and events are an important quality content for a tourist destination, and Croatia has positioned itself as a festival destination for a few years now. Investing in events is not a cost but an investment, which people often forget. It is enough to recall the examples of Ultra or Advent in Zagreb, which ensure much higher tourist spending, than just investing in events. One of the problems is the lack of such spaces – for posters, at least in Croatia, and often, no matter what, we can see how the organizers of beautiful posters of events wherever they go, which visually disrupts the entire destination. Of course, a logical question arises when communal wardens already have nice stickers, why don’t they take down the posters? But it is a struggle that obviously has no end and no winner and lasts from day to day. This move certainly does much more damage to the organizers due to “illegal” posters that were placed in places where it is not planned. Namely, they pasted a sticker on the “illegal” posters – CANCELED! Also, events are the motive for coming to a destination, and are an excellent “medium and platform” for the promotion and other tourist offers of the entire destination, especially for new tourists, who will meet the event as the primary motive for coming, and return to some the second part of the season. They could not put an end to the same problem in Glasgow, so they decided on an unusual and hitherto unseen move. But while today the focus is on digital marketing and communication, the promotion and branding of the event in the offline segment through posters in the destination itself is also extremely important. Cities should provide a sufficient number of billboards for this purpose, which are in frequent places to be visible. We can see a variety of posters all over the city, from buildings, trash cans, stairs to bus stops, etc.… and in practice in the field we see how difficult it is to bring order. Especially in big cities where dozens or hundreds of events are held every weekend. What do you think of this move? Some other cities in the world have joined the same solution to the problem. move Whichever way you go, ingenious or bad move, in any case the game without limits continues. Photo: core77.comlast_img

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