Asian demand for face masks soars

first_imgBoat passengers on a jetty wear face masks in Bangkok, Thailand, Tuesday, Jan. 28, 2020 to protect themselves from new virus infection. AP TOKYO – Panic and pollution drive themarket for protective face masks, so business is booming in Asia, where fear ofthe virus from China is straining supplies and helping make mask-wearing thenew normal. “Sales of disinfectant products andhygiene masks have been rising since last week. First Chinese tourists came toour store to buy these products to bring back with them. They bought in bulk,like two or three boxes per person,” said Varumporn Krataitohg, an employee ofthe NanBhesaj drugstore in central Bangkok. (AP) Demand for face masks and handsanitizing liquid has soared, as both local residents and visitors from Chinastock up on such products as a reassuring precaution. Factories are rushing to boostproduction as the number of infections and deaths from the new virus firstfound in the central Chinese city of Wuhan climbs. In some parts of Asia,wearing of surgical masks has become mandatory, for nowlast_img

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