Master opened a hair salon to make money easy to make millions

small make up a recently made a wealth of friends, opened a barber shop, business super good, as he is how to do, look together. He told me that he is now very chic, although it is also doing hairdressing line, but the practice of high-end route. 2008 to listen to a cousin in foreign countries, said the United States was specialized in the acquisition of bankruptcy, dying beauty salon, run it for a period of time, so that the beauty salon after the transfer of high price. After a period of time thoroughly, latent, the cousin of model check clearly, and returned to his business.

he said to me, you think ah, now many beauty salons, fierce competition, most of the opening closing keep going by painstaking effort, much more. We integrate the acquisition of the industry, it is selected in the direction of the.

the first step: dig a few top barber over, must be a good barber. Good training staff shampoo techniques, uniform clothing, improve service attitude, etc..

The second step:

and major supermarkets, restaurants, conference center, training company, tax bureau, government, bureau of education and school cooperation, but not to distribute leaflets, leading in cooperation with these units, let them receive free coupons to their hair the concept of excellent employees. ". As a supermarket, training company employees or government civil servants and other incentives. Let them consume. Subtext is that not everyone is entitled to enjoy, but excellent employees to enjoy such treatment. Increase the weight of beauty salons.

third steps: the first consumer, send membership cards, each charge 50 yuan, send 150 yuan of consumption, after successive promotions, such as 15 yuan after 10 times, slowly returned to normal. Many customers because people eat zuiruan, have several times after Thanksgiving, will often patronize the store.

fourth step: virus marketing like a virus spread, so that guests continue to consume, the old customers bring a new guest for the second time, members and new guests can enjoy a 50 percent off discount. Turn the introduction, bring new people to give some of the benefits of the old customers, so in the outside will say that the benefits of your hair salon, word of mouth is very good. The fourth step, many repeat customers, guests from afar also.

The fifth step:

lock customers, frequent consumption, be accomplished…… After opening the membership card, in order to their image packaging, mental outlook, the original one month haircut, it is recommended that they every ten days or 15 days hair, wash your hair, wash your face once. This move is very powerful, most of them accept it.

sixth step: recommend them to buy beauty salon brand imported shampoo, face cream, facial mask cream, scissors, hair dryer, etc. to promote the price, so that guests buy home, increase the amount of marketing. Of course, hairdressers, waiters have a commission, so they also sell strength to help store marketing.

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