3 counts count of mobile APP

mobile APP countless, tens of millions of users, and now it can be described as high popularity, and it is difficult to see the mobile APP crime, in fact, these APP life is not long.

As for the

again said horizontal, as everyone knows, a similar application than the aunt do a thing like that, pregnant sister, housekeeper, beauty grapefruit menstrual assistant and so on, and the aunt of service some coincidence. Such a highly fragmented market has several competitors, will show a "go" situation, frankly, I doubt the aunt of active users in the end there is no million, after all the basic female users in use, but there are several game player. Relatively speaking, horizontal "irreplaceable" it is difficult to avoid, so, to stand out in the fierce competition, a comparison is recognized by the industry approach is faster than the opponent.

on the mobile Internet industry, different categories of APP will erode mutual". As everyone knows, now many segments of the mobile Internet, the user demand for related services also have "selectivity", by application users preferred the use of high frequency, such as mobile search, mobile social networking, mobile payment, mobile video and so on, and even the second tier application like menstruation estimates are not into the row, will slowly nibble away.

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