Former CCTV commentator Duan Xuan will join the banana sports CEO Wang Sicong

now entrepreneurial wave swept all walks of life, not only ordinary workers have the sea, the host star, also began to participate in entrepreneurship. From the CCTV leave Zhang Quanling said he will start, the CCTV commentary Duan Xuan recently announced that it will join hands with Wang Sicong as CEO, responsible for banana sports.

two in the last year, the CCTV sports channel host foreleg rear departure, Liu Jianhong joined an Internet media, as chief content officer; in "Comedy Sports" famous Wang Tao after leaving CCTV to choose their own businesses, currently serves as an international media company CEO. In this year, CCTV commentator Shen Fangjian also left to join a well-known sports broadcast platform. Another beauty commentary Liu Yuxi has left CCTV, there are rumors that she will join the network platform.

CCTV host have left, but also the current economic situation and the results of management activities, in such an era full of entrepreneurial atmosphere, there will be more people holding a secure job will join start-ups.

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