Iraola, outraged: “We are a team that now annoys …”

first_imgThe coach from Gipuzkoa believes that an injustice is being committed with his team, especially seeing the tight calendar facing Anduva’s in February. Tomorrow they will play the postponed match with Zaragoza: “If you are the model and the symbol of a modest Cup, as our options have grown, we have started to be an annoying team more than anything else. I would not like to lose energy in this, but people should know and our position is that. We have to make ourselves heard. “ “The party will not overtake us. There are decisions that are hard to understand.” With this phrase Mirandés coach Andoni Iraola, showed his tremendous discomfort at the refusal to change the day Mirandés – Girona which will finally be played on Sunday, March 1 at 12:00 hours as planned. The rojillo team will face three days later the return clash of the semifinals against the Real Sociedad. The San Sebastian will do it on Friday against Valladolid: “The difference that already exists inherent to the teams is even bigger. If you have 3 days to have 5 there is a substantial difference. An injustice is being committed with the Mirandés. And it is not a complaint because it benefits the Real. If it had been Sevilla, Valencia or Atlético de Madrid we would be the same. “ No one in the Mirandesista bosom understands a decision that, in his opinion, detracts from the competition. “I know what the reason is. In the end there are many excuses that can be searched with the theme of television grills. We changed the game of Albacete a week in advance, to the Real against Osasuna even twice. Almost every week there is some change and I think if they want to change it, they can do it perfectly but they have decided not to “, Iraola ditch.last_img

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