The analysis of the location of the health center store

health museum stores location for what? Many franchisees want to know the location of the skills. In fact, this kind of brand investment projects, if you want to successfully location, the need to consider the factors can be really a lot. Some novice do not know what to start thinking about the small Bian finishing some suggestions for your reference.

1. area: the use of the area (operating area) to reach 100 square meters or more, steaming room area of at least to reach more than 15 square meters, there is enough room for the ideal customer activities.

2. facade: the facade should open facade – free, try to avoid obstructions, need adequate parking spaces.

3. position: best for a street shop floor, the best choice of centralized community or commercial and entertainment area in the cultural and consumption of the relatively high level of residents near the supermarket, bank, post office, activity centers, hospitals, large dining center or international chain (such as McDonald’s, KFC). The location selection do not insist on commercial Wangpu selection criteria.

4. notes:


to grasp the commercial area and the residential area, the pursuit of a relatively stable customer base, located in the downtown location without the special.

to grasp the distinction between population flow and traffic flow, the pursuit of a higher population flow, to avoid the high traffic flow caused by the main target consumer group mobility.

the structure of the house to be safe, the power supply capacity and whether there is demolition plan. Due to the activities to be held on-site show, there will be a large number of people involved, it may affect the normal activities so to the next door neighbours, prior to deal with the relationship between urban management and property, next door neighbours, to avoid unnecessary disputes in the management process.

in the selection period, should make full use of market research results as the basis of location.

in the site, to consider parking, this is a must in any public gathering places.


surrounding the same industry competitors, if neighboring competitors in the same industry more than three, while the residential area is relatively small, the population flow is not large, it is necessary to consider the choice of not better.

in the site, to consider the factors in the operation of rent, rent directly affect the profitability and capital return period, generally speaking, in the local rent rent level class is acceptable.

Health Museum franchise operators want to smooth the site, you need to think about the overall. The location is a key part of the work, many franchisees recommended

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