The entrepreneur must read the advice to open shop

in fact for many Internet entrepreneurs, before ready to start the network business is best to do some of the more adequate preparation, need to do some business planning, so in the online business should be how to prepare?

1, if you are very enthusiastic, energetic, you can consider the operation of self-service hot pot restaurants, traditional snack bar, food and beverage services, such as delivery outside.

2, if you love to have refined tastes of items, second-hand boutiques, handicraft materials shops and small coffee shops, you can make a layer of intellectual.

3, if you are extremely sensitive, love home, love complex, nurseries, kindergartens will be your favorite.

4, if you often go with the feeling, always put yourself in others, pet shop, shop you need this property.

now popular investment partnership, of course, this can reduce the risk, but also a partner should have a choice, it must be careful. In addition, according to the actual experience, the number of partners should avoid 2 combinations, and to the best of the 3, generally not more than 5 people better.

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