The girl hit the dead flowers self beauty is beauty life is more important

see the beauty of people will not want to leave the natural patting Memorial, Guangdong Foshan rose farm, when flowering naturally attracted a lot of people. The beauty is a lot of hidden danger, a girl hit the dead flowers self, regrettable!


Foshan Nanhai Shishan Guangdong

this morning (April 10th), the netizen said rebellion, yesterday at 1 pm, a man wearing a white shirt, blue skirt woman, to the town of Nanhai District Lian Tang Cun famous Tian rose flowers, because when the self timer is too close to the railway, being hit by a train. The news and related pictures circulated in WeChat.

According to Huang

she saw on the train staff to get off to ask the people around, know where the girl’s name, from. Subsequently, 120 ambulances arrived at the scene to implement relief. Netizen "Snow" said she was not close to view.

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