What should we pay attention to the family before factories

now, many people feel that the work is not as good as their own business, do a production and processing plant at home, easy to get rich. In our life a lot of people have family factories, many people feel that their business is better than working out, and more people are want to start to get everything you want, in fact it is not so easy to set up factories, some difficulties in the process of this, what should we do?

now, there are many families set up factories in this example, in fact, there are some examples of failure, a lot of people above, ambitious, despise about petty profits, "gold", talk about a penny earned "first". In the process of entrepreneurship should improve their psychological ability to bear, do not want to give up a little setback. In addition, many couples family factories out of the partnership, this situation we should pay attention to the cultivation of common values, whether in daily life or business, the exchange of ideas and communication between husband and wife are necessary. If the couple communication channels are sluggish, lack of skills, the interference of life and career and the possibility of conflict will greatly increase. In this way, not only for the development of the cause of adverse, more likely to undermine the feelings of the couple. Women don’t want to get in the business when others love and comfort to anyone, because these are short. Learn to be yourself in the market economy, it is a necessary ability.

09 years in January, the factory clean Stewart family mode once launched, small investment, low cost, fast distribution advantages of small investment circles caused an uproar. Hebei Xingtai Tung by "family factories" mode, the introduction of clean Stewart chemical washing supplies equipment to manufacture the production of washing powder. Today, after six months of business development, Mr. Dong has recovered the money invested, and made a lot of revenue. Today, the family washing machine equipment Tung from the original 2, 3 units increased to 7 units, also recently from Stewart headquarters also introduced a clean detergent manufacturing equipment. According to Mr Tung said, near the size of supermarkets, schools, hotels are clean Stewart "ruthless" brand washing powder "monopoly", Mr Tung has become so in the local detergent manufacturing industry famous channel.

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