Wang Siyue’s method of commodity inventory

how to do a good inventory of goods, in fact, it is equivalent to how we open a good shop, which is actually a skill to speak of. The retail business in Jiangsu, Peixian, Wang Siyue, who worked for many years in the supply and marketing cooperatives, merchandise inventory has its own set of practices.

he believes that the most important goal is to understand inventory inventory. Based on the "Qin into the fast selling" in order to ensure the freshness of commodity operating principles, in order to improve the turnover rate of the goods in stock, Wang Siyue beginning to the labor intensity of the inventory, and less frequently, in addition to selling boxes of stuff, he basically put the item on the shelf, so. He began to count is very simple.

usually, he according to different goods take different inventory: cigarette according to the ordering cycle, a week a time to replenish the supply of cigarette sales to adjust a relatively long time placement, timely processing of sales. Food inventory cycle is not fixed, but it is followed by a ground word, mainly in order to avoid the damage to the interests of consumers and their own interests.

first, when goods inventory, shelf life and inventory check new goods, this inventory is small range; second, inventory in the cleaning time, generally once a week to do some cleaning, so that the random sampling of various types of food shelf life and inventory; third, to when finishing the shelf inventory.

is the open type of supermarket shelves, many customers, will inevitably confuse things, therefore, Wang Siyue always in the afternoon on the customer less food shelves were arranged, so follow FIFO, slightly longer time to purchase goods to move out. In addition, Wang Siyue every month to conduct a comprehensive inventory of all goods, the shelf life of the food is still 2-3 months out of all, according to the agreement with suppliers to adjust the goods.

master a set of rules of commodity inventory method, for the inventory of the store will have a very big help, but for the operation of the store is greatly beneficial. It is this "Dianmianjiege, diligent" inventory, let Wang Siyue to own goods well, inventory of high speed and efficiency, shop for so many years, there have been no goods caused by overdue disputes; commodity turnover rate is also very fast, which can improve the utilization rate of funds, but also won the customer trust.

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