Female college students online selling tea monthly income of the secret

to say that online shopping can be said to be quite hot, so every day there are a lot of people want to open shop, but business is not so simple, some shop will be closed due to poor management, let us approach the heroine today to see how she sells tea a monthly income of over a million on the internet.

refuses to accept the discipline of

she can choose to resign entrepreneurship

a hospital wall, open courtyard view click into place, I do not know there is a stretch of green, shallow deep pond, the pond covered with plant height. A building, left, is the electronic commerce development of chemical plant willow, thriving local entrepreneurial dreams.

rows of boxes occupy more than half of the door of the plant, a variety of flowers and plants have been waiting for a good packet of tea. Into the factory, the first thing to see is a pile of parcels on the ground, and some even piled up a person, a few staff in the package busy. Pick up the tape, willow skillfully sealed the parcel with the express list, after weighing sort packages stacking. Now the average daily to send more than and 900 single monthly sales of around 200 thousand." Willow said, now her "bush tea" herbal tea has three network of shops, including a Tmall flagship store.

Yang said: "I don’t want to help dig in the work of others, not love at night without too observant of conventional standards. work on nine." This is not his character, after graduating from college in 2006 did not work for a year, she resigned was removed to Anhui city in Ningguo province. Willow said, her parents are doing business, from the "female entrepreneurs" she has infinite and yearning, and after coming to Ningguo, she would not hesitate to choose their own, choose to realize her dream of enterprise.

was originally a small bookstore, you can quickly put up the shutters. "I was a school of information management, pay more attention to the network," willow said, Taobao in 2007 the rise of a few years, she found the platform to enter the threshold is low, there was not much money. "I think there is a market prospect of herbal tea, the impact of seasonal fluctuations is small, then the category of products on Taobao to do less." Willow said, she noticed that people’s awareness of health are slowly improving, so she made herbal tea products was not prosperous, and apply for the registration of its trademark "drunk tea". Online sales of female college students to sell flowers and tea annual turnover of more than 15 million

business more difficult

insisted that she waited until the perfect transformation

in the factory a few large shelves, only a box filled with goods packed all kinds of herbal tea, fried buckwheat tea, fine whole wheat, cassia seed, not only a wide variety of packaging design recommendation

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