Morocco’s World Welterweight Boxing Champion Earns Only $300 a month

Rabat – Last week Moroccans expressed their happiness to see their countryman win a gold medal at the AIBA World Championship in Doha, an unprecedented performance in Morocco’s history. By winning World Welterweight Boxing Championship, Rabii becomes the first Moroccan, Arab and African to win the world title.Amidst this atmosphere of joy and excitement, many Moroccans thought that the 23-year old champion has already secured his financial future and will be reaping the benefit of his long years of hard work, self-denial and sacrifice. There was even a rumor that he earned 120,000 dollars after his performance in the world championship.But probably nobody knew that the new Moroccan star has been living on a meagre salary paid by the Moroccan Federation of Boxing.To the surprise of every Moroccan, Rabii revealed that he has not received any prize money for winning the championship and he lives off the MAD 3,000 salary per month he receives from the Moroccan Federation. Invited to a radio program hosted by Hit Radio on Sunday, the Moroccan athlete said told the host of the program, that he earns as little as MAD 3,000.Rabbi went to add that a boxer who is member of the national team, receives MAD 3,000 per month, in addition to the bonuses he obtains when winning national or international title.The Moroccan champion makes a salary that is hardly 30 per cent above the country’s minimum wage, which stands at MAD 2,200.

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