Dagongmei home business success factory profit amounted to about 300000

many people living in the countryside will choose to go to work in the city, many of them through hard work, but also has a stable job. Some income is not low, Zhou Mingjie is one of them. She is a typical working sister, worked hard for many years in Shenzhen. However, she eventually chose to return home entrepreneurship.

"I was in Shenzhen during the work, found difficult to hire electronic factory." Zhou Mingjie said that 3 years ago, the Spring Festival, she went home to visit relatives to learn a lot of people in order to take care of their children, the elderly and stay at home, resulting in labor idle. She and her husband Wang Fangbo to discuss, if the electronic component processing project of Shenzhen home development, mobilize the masses to carry out the home left behind component processing, not only can solve the problem of the shortage of staff in Shenzhen, can also solve the employment problem of the masses stay home.

snapadoo, Zhou Mingjie resolutely abandoned Yida paid 6000 yuan / month electronics factory, with her husband returned to Dianjiang Zhou Jia Zhen Fei Long Cun long absence, began his entrepreneurial career. She actively contact with the manufacturers in Shenzhen, and to raise 50 thousand yuan of funds as collateral for the supply orientation. Manufacturers were impressed by the sincerity of Zhou Mingjie, which received 30 thousand yuan as a deposit, agreed to outsource electronic components. Then, she to the town of the village propaganda from door to door labor outsourcing, to mobilize villagers to participate.

the beginning, only a few people to participate in the electronic components she held in their own assembly training. Zhou Mingjie on the difficulties, the pressure on the electronic components factory started on schedule. Later, the first batch of workers in a month after getting the salary, her career has won the trust of the villagers, slowly on the right track.


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