How to get more repeat customers

we know to open a dry cleaner and want to do business, the service is very important. Dry cleaning service is special, usually have a fixed consumer groups, so to win repeat business is very important, and this is the need to pay attention to maintenance, with customers in the business process, how to shorten the distance with customers open dry cleaners?

laundry leisure atmosphere can give customers a relaxed and harmonious feeling, so that customers have a sense of identity for dry culture, so as to enhance the confidence of the washing quality, and establish a good brand image and customer loyalty. Therefore, you can take to set up a cultural corner in the store, and to ensure that more humane services. Among them, the cultural angle on the establishment of the proposal is as follows:

1, the main rack for placing the dry cleaning industry publications and shopkeepers to recommend leisure magazine etc..

2 TV, the size of each store according to the actual situation to decide, for the convenience of the customer to watch. The main content of the TV play mainly in the dry cleaning industry. I hope this idea can promote the sale of the laundry to promote a positive role, but also for the laundry service to add a cultural landscape.

personalized service is aimed at specific customers, because of the different ways to adopt a family, family style service. To stand in the customer’s position, take the initiative for the sake of the customer, can exceed the customer’s desire for the best. For example, customers clothes stitching off, should be free for customers to sew, button, should take the initiative to provide customers with the customer, the busy work, should arrange the employee free pick up and deliver parts, some of the clothing defects, defects, should use the terminology for active customer interpretation, if time permits, occasions by the way, can also introduce some clothing protection tips, customers old curtains, disassembly and installation difficulties, should arrange staff for free to do so. These humanistic services will win a large number of long-term consumer washing, so as to achieve social effects and economic benefits of the double harvest. The laundry is to quality service to let consumers feel the fun and convenient household labor socialization in the service, so as to continue to patronize the laundry, become loyal customers, forming a good working environment for washing cycle.

a laundry service quality is good or bad, the front desk member plays a very important role, the service quality of the laundry, the image of the enterprise to a large extent by their performance. Therefore, a good front desk member, must seriously analyze and master the counter art, and can be sincere performance.

runs a dry cleaning shop, can make the profit maximization is the desire of every operator, how to achieve profitability, repeat business is fundamental to maintain the dry cleaners, to narrow the distance with the customer, get more repeat customers, is each operator to explore and must master a knowledge management. >

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