Restaurant named these exquisite you know a few

people born at the beginning of their parents will give yourself a name, which is a representative of your personal identity, the name is very meaningful and important thing in china. The shop name is the same, now open restaurants should not only has a good taste, but also need to have a good name, a good name is very important for customers, more than a full catering shop introduced more easy to remember, but also more easily spread. So how should take its restaurants? Should pay attention to the following points.

pretty good recognition: as far as possible the use of simplified Chinese characters, because the good name should be concise pen.

read note: the name of the restaurant to listen to loud sounds, full of rhythm beauty and rhythm, which sounds melodious, rich flavor.

Yuyishenke: most people usually love auspicious words, so you can consider such a word: Shun Yu is Rui Yongchang, Yuan Heng wanligao Feng Xiang Taihe with lush! Qiande, Qian Ji Gongren Co dingguang; Juyi pass the whole Yoshimasu, Hisako Omikeiyasuko: Chinese New Year is the production, embellish Hong enrich Fu long.

sound, meaning and shape of unity: name words should take into account the pronunciation, meaning and shape, to achieve perfect unity, easy to read, write and understand, so that customers can feel the taste in the mouth, brain, eyes in the strike force and strong feelings of color, but also to account for the plaque, signs, advertising time effect.

: to embody the characteristics of restaurants from its name, the best to reflect the restaurant business dishes that features, operating characteristics and business projects in their name, make the guest easier identification of restaurants operating characteristics.

can not be infringed: tort is to bear legal liability and economic compensation. Not only is the false infringement, infringement is similar name.

embodies the business philosophy: the restaurant name to location and restaurant unity, restaurant guests can reference types.

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