Extremely accurate replica NES is made entirely out of Lego

first_imgIf you spend any time on the internet, you’re bound to come across things made out of Lego that look astonishingly similar to their non-Lego counterparts. In the case of this replica NES, Flickr user weltall1028 went above and beyond the normal superb quality of replica Lego builds.From the outside, the replica build sports similar angles and sizes, as well as the power and reset buttons. The actual lid of the Lego console flips open as the real console would, and the dimensions are so accurate that a real NES cartridge fits inside, as seen below.The real treat, however, lies under the hood. Rather than actual working bits to make this a functional NES — thus destroying the pure Lego composition — weltall1028 made a little scene out of the replica console’s guttyworks. The top of the console pops off, another level is raised, and a little Lego man is revealed. When you don’t have actual electronics stuffed inside your replica console to make it work, we suppose the next best thing is to put an ad up on Craigslist and hire a little man to run the console himself.Weltall1028 not only builds other Lego creations, but messes around in Sony’s ModNation Racers as well — something of a LittleBigPlanet for kart racing. Head on over to the Flickr page and give the other Lego builds a browse, as they include a mini Guitar Hero 2 replica controller, as well as a Castlevania facade.last_img

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