Rural electricity supplier to bring new opportunities for rural development

for the implementation of management policies, and promote the integration of urban and rural economy, it is necessary to strengthen the construction of rural entrepreneurship. Strengthen the construction of various types of rural infrastructure, entrepreneurship policy to improve the soft environment of rural entrepreneurship, speed up the pace of entrepreneurial innovation.

11 23 July, the central decision-making considered and adopted the "on winning the battle of the decision" out of poverty, through industry support, transfer of employment, easily relocated, education support, medical assistance and other measures to achieve the 2020 comprehensive out of poverty, and solve the overall regional poverty. In November 9th the State Council issued a document pointed out that rural e-commerce is an important means of changing the mode of agricultural development, is an important carrier of accurate poverty alleviation. More requirements to 2020, initially built a unified and open, competitive and orderly, honest and law-abiding, safe and reliable, green rural e-commerce market system. In November 23rd, the State Council announced "on the new consumption play a positive leading role in accelerating the development of the formation of guidance" new supply of new power, support all kinds of social capital to participate in the construction of agricultural business platform.

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