Worth thinking about the question why entrepreneurs fail

when we envy the success of others, we tend to ignore the experience and lessons of failure. In fact, we should not only focus on success, we should also pay more attention to failure, so as to draw lessons from. Why entrepreneurship will fail? Have you ever thought about it? Here are some of the reasons for failure.

1, energy is not concentrated


2, founder and investors disagree

Many large companies have

3, the direction of development from orbit

10% startups have this problem.

4, lack of enthusiasm


5, poor location

this includes companies in the country’s geographical location is not good, and the work distance between employees. 9% of start-up companies have encountered this problem.

6, no financing and investor support

and burn money compared to 8% start-up companies from the outset did not get the favor of investors.

7, the team does not

23%’s failure to start a company is lack of commanding the overall situation. The reason is interesting, most VCs said, before the investment is the first consideration of the team, followed by creativity.

8, bad marketing

It is not enough just to know how to write code

9, pricing / cost problems


10, lack of business model

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