Novice to open the hotel to do what preparations

now on the food and beverage market, a variety of restaurants, restaurants, restaurants are very much, the business is also very hot, for inexperienced investors, the novice to open the hotel to do what? Let’s take a look at it.

A rental price = 2 yuan per square metre of rent per day, rather than the urban area of the rental price of $20 shops, but also the outskirts of the rental price of the shops. Why? In fact, the reason is very simple, adequate flow of people is the basis of turnover, which requires you to understand and calculate.

B decor. Different location, different areas of shops will affect the total investment costs. General price per square meter. If you want to distinguish between the high and low end of the project, the project cost of high-end per square meter price of about 2000 or more, in the end price 1000-2000, even lower than the low end of the 1000. High, medium and low end is not important, important and whether the project itself.

C. license. Different cities, different sizes of restaurants are different. General tier cities 5k-2w, second tier cities 2k-5k, these costs will be particularly variable in the first tier cities. Because the audit is more stringent, so the corresponding needs of the expenditure of lubricants is relatively high, but should not be too outrageous is usually not higher than 5w.

D device. First determine the product, according to the product storage, processing, production, etc., configure different equipment.

E. table / tableware. Depending on the size of the restaurant and the restaurant location, it should be noted that the tables and chairs should also be the same as the decoration of the project and the same restaurant!

F other projects. Such as telephone installation, miscellaneous. Are required to specify the plan, then the implementation of mince act with undue haste!

The restaurant named

name ideas: target customers, target customers who are male or female; how much age, location of income; love which keywords; special cases: a case of noodles, Macao hot pot, soup, and Yonghe soybean milk Shenji decoration style: dry pot, Ju kesongfang, South Beauty, farmer the whole family; color: crystal, lemon coke, Rice Noodles flour noodle restaurant, dark; good name is a good tool, impressive a good name is the beginning of success; a good name is the analysis and application of science.

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