Porsche sold only popular vegetables understand people


popular vegetables which is inevitable, so the rich people selling vegetables to earn that dishes necessary, Xiao Bian said that if enough money to travel around the world!


from the users publish photos and videos, with sunglasses on women’s age is about more than and 30 years old, wearing a grey fur, fiddling with a car on the vegetables.

and the same is a be struck dumb in the market, the sale price of ordinary Chinese cabbage, coriander, lettuce and spinach white on a luxury car, the price is doubled several times, a small bag of 50 yuan.

"can not afford you don’t ask the balcony for the very safe, you don’t understand," the crowd of passers-by questioned the prices of vegetables, did not expect the anti teasing strokes. My sister said that vegetable dishes, is a balcony planting good food, only to those who know the goods ". But the site’s users said the price is too high, the scene did not really have to buy vegetables, she looked does not seem anxious to sell.



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