Looks beautiful Analysis of chicken shop management

all over the chicken shop always seems to be in high streets and back lanes business is hot, so many entrepreneurs and trying to open his own heart, or choose to join. Although many joined the brand played a very seductive slogan, but in fact, it is not easy to make money.

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million fee

streets and lanes everywhere chicken shops are selling food production is almost the same thing, just join the brand name first, and the business would not remain as at the beginning of the opening like hot. Entrepreneurial experience that, as consumers gradually lose freshness, this project will not live longer than two years.

chicken profits generally maintained at more than 30%, but the chicken prices generally 11 yuan, a single business generally maintained at 10 yuan to 20 yuan. Therefore, if you can not guarantee sales, chicken shop on a cost recovery basis, to ensure the long-term profitability, is not simple.

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