Bathroom chain store location proposal

open sanitary ware chain store location is a key and difficult, if you want to open a shop, so you can choose what method? A lot of consumers are interested in this issue, want to learn more useful location skills quickly learn it, do not miss. Come and learn.

If sanitary ware is the chain store shop then the entire building has several layers, are what business mainly to the shops, it decides whether your target customers will come to the store shopping place. If there is no street shops, shop slightly broad street plaza. Building fire system is qualified. Building water supply system, air conditioning systems are available. These conditions are related to the sanitary ware chain opened after the flow of people and shopping environment to create an important issue, can not do. Bathroom chain store location, the first thing is to investigate the construction of the store. The following conditions can be used as a necessary condition for sanitary ware chain store, the owner can not break through these conditions to choose the shop: shop is independent, clear property rights.

The principle of

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