How to choose the address of health care products store

health care products to set up stores to sell this phenomenon is now a fact. But in the back of the store, but it was closed for some reason, the fundamental reason is that there is a reason for the site.

Activity of

the elderly. Most elderly people stay at home most of the time. In the morning, supermarkets and farms, the park is a place where most of the old people to the elderly lack of family care, and children have the opportunity to meet in the evening, the day may have at home or in the community, some people will go to the park or the elderly people in the north of love dance yangko dance night, so from social activity law of elderly people see, they often go to the park, is the place of farms, communities, most of the community and the park.

The young female population in

. Most of these people to employees, this kind of crowd social activities more, but still often go to shopping malls, supermarkets, commercial street, fashion office; most of the day in the office, at noon will take a little time to stroll around the office, may go to the supermarket at night. Weekend shopping mall.


from the social activities of these people can be seen that the main activities of the place is the super commercial, commercial street, the surrounding office, the surrounding community, so the product store for these people must choose the appropriate location.


parents go to work during the day, go home at night, the weekend may go to the park with their children. But who is the only child of the increase, more and more parents do not worry about their children, especially in primary school children, parents will shuttle, so the school has become an important place around the target population at the same time. But more, but students and parents in the community will be more places.


the second is the main source of sales promotion personnel, such stores in supporting and store sales personnel, such as Amway, tianshic, etc. as the company store member, and vitop, midvein, the company’s business / sales staff, the store’s sales promotion to come from these people, monopoly the shop is a function of the exhibition and exchange between products and consumers, and membership members and members of the place.


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