Clothing store money skills to learn the turnover soared

for many women entrepreneurs, the clothing store is a good way to start making money. To do business is to make money, and to open a clothing store. Chairman Mao said good, ‘whether black or white, catch the mouse is a good cat. Yes, a clothing shop owner in the course of business clothing store, as long as not do evil things, others can make money skills are dare to try.


for saving electricity without lights, to prevent dust without unpacking display, employees do not make-up without spirit, cashier is out of order, the shop use float sale, store, hand-painted homemade promotional posters and so on, all in violation of the principles of beauty and behavior will make the "clothing beauty" compromised, unable to express even lost.

stores every day will encounter many problems, there will be a lot of new situations, to make store operations to maintain a long life and vitality, we must try every set higher goals and encouraged to try and apply new ideas and methods. But a problem came out, often a lot of people, many franchisees fear it, do not want to take the risk of change, reform. This time, we need to encourage them "do not be afraid, as long as the intentions will get better"!

three, the boss may wish to staff.

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