How to open a tea shop

tea shop business success also needs our careful management, now the entrepreneurs want to open his own shop when the boss, the boss is not the key can easily when the following guidance to spur you to success to become rich road.

A, brand choice

currently on the market of tea brand is a superb collection of beautiful things, but many of them do very well uneven in quality, brand, but there are also many just to earn the initial fee, can not guarantee future business. Therefore, the choice of a good brand is crucial for future operations. While the industry brand is now roughly divided into two types: one is the potential of the brand, the second is the dragons and fishes jumbled together a small sign. Obviously, we would like to choose the potential of the brand, so how to identify a brand has the potential and strength, it should be from the following aspects:

1, look at the corporate culture. Three class enterprises sell products, second-class enterprises selling services, first-class enterprise selling culture! The development of all enterprises and brands are the good culture in the first place, an enterprise has no culture is not developed, don’t want to be a general is not a good soldier, the same one does not want to become the first enterprise, is not what good business. Milk tea chain will bear industry characteristics, business characteristics, national characteristics and brand characteristics of the perfect interpretation, from the decoration to the products, from the top to the employees will transfer the   milk bear culture; the most incisive hardships and positive spirit, lead the brand forward.

2, look at the operation of enterprises. All the market competition is the competition of people after all, and the individual is unable to complete many matters, therefore, to observe a brand’s business situation, first look at the team, those who appear to be lazy, all aspects of the lack of enthusiasm and motivation of the company is the first out of the atmosphere, a good team can create a lot of miracle, this team is always motivated and work towards a goal, in the bear milk tea   join headquarters, the team strength is all praise! Each employee will own work as a career, go all out, feel the warmth of home.   3, the product system for tea industry, innovation is always put in the first place, including cultural innovation, brand upgrades and product updates, milk tea bear will launch different products for different seasons, and the R & D team often go outside of the industry development, in order to quickly find the market vacancy. The brand is the source of development, if you choose the brand products that crudely made, poor quality, will eventually perish, is equal to cut the source of wealth destruction. Two, product

the brand update problem should pay attention to the product, next to the franchisee to consider the product is the product taste, although the tea brand is numerous, but the real good taste can win many repeat guests and introduce the guests, the product must be in the premise of health  . Leisure, cultural drinks and desserts