How to choose the supermarket

is a suitable location for the supermarket later development will have extraordinary significance, therefore, if you want to be the supermarket business success, nature also need to be pre site work. In short, whether it is a new supermarket, or open a branch, choose a good location is very important. This time if you have a tendency, also worry about rice has a customer.

retail households Zhang boss

"Zhang boss, you buy the building around the two suites have been sold to a good institution, I give you a few million subsidy you can change to a set of buildings in the North?" "Well, no, I have selected the location of shops investment because of its geographical position to occupy the upstream flow of customers, and this position than the north to convenient transportation and many, also not traffic jam, this will bring good profit to my supermarket oh!" This is a small grocery store in 2006 when I upgraded to become a commercial building site along the street and a section of the developers on the location of the dialogue.

can be said that the supermarket location is correct is a key to the success of the supermarket business, because the supermarket development is the most important investment can be successfully recovered within a predetermined period, and the site selection directly affects the investment profit, so to start a successful supermarket, geography and people choice important.

after the discussion and summary, I think the supermarket location choice should include the following points: 1, public facilities. Schools, libraries, hospitals and other public facilities can play a role in attracting consumers, so in these public facilities in the vicinity of the supermarket can not generally benefit; 2. Understand the scope of a certain range of the number of competing stores, reduce competitors to increase the operating profit of the supermarket is very important.

3, traffic conditions. The shop location is the most direct impact factors such as road traffic conditions, including pedestrians, streets are distinguished, the number and type of vehicles, road width, the necessary parking conditions and site conditions; 4. Including the store area, shape, foundation, slope, height, orientation, sunshine conditions, road connectivity, etc..

The conditions and conditions of the

supermarket should include the following: 1. Population and households. To understand the existing number of households within the scope of a certain number of households, especially the number of visitors with a good relationship with you 2. The number of passengers in front of the door to a certain number of people in order to achieve a certain level of benefits supermarket; 3, consumer factors. The income, consumption level and consumption habits of the residents will directly affect the variety of goods sold and the profit margins of the supermarket.

due to my supermarket site occupied Austria and and the advantages, in recent years the operating profit rising and open the shop, I shop successively in the downstream of the several new supermarket.