80 guy selling imported fruit to earn nearly ten thousand yuan

Wang is an imported fruit shop owner, the standard 80, has its own entrepreneurial dream, but also encountered a lot of bumpy road on the road. Speaking of their entrepreneurial dreams, Wang Guolin’s face revealed a child’s general smile. At the age of 29, he has not read the University, has been in the business on the road until stumbled, imported fruit selling from the business before he pulled out the mire.

venture all failed


after graduating from high school, Wang Guolin had no choice but to continue to go to school at home all day, indulge in the game, "not willing to give their parents arrange to work every day, but also did not follow the prescribed order, Nadechushou craft to feed themselves", this is Wang Guolin at the time of their evaluation.

once, he accidentally saw an ad on the Internet, 5000 yuan to learn to do barbecue, package teaching package." 2010, 23 year old Wang Guolin proposed to the idea of entrepreneurship at home, despite being strongly opposed to his parents, he still got back from Wuhan, a barbecue and a lot of barbecue recipe".

in the first day of the business scene, Wang Guolin smiled and said, get up at 5 in the morning to buy food, at 1:30 in the morning to go home, although he would like to barbecue business is good, but still only lasted half a month can not go dry.


by relatives, Wang Guolin moved to the barbecue stalls near the University, and persuade sister resigned from Shanghai, 80 thousand yuan of investment in the vicinity of the school opened a 3D private cinema, running for 7 months, my sister angrily away, leaving a person and support Wang Guolin for a year. Later, Wang Guolin tried to work, but had failed.

2013, Wang Guolin began to understand, and the establishment of a friend and a shopping mall, online and offline self nuts and Xinjiang Hetian jujube. "The jujube sell well, we scored the 2 batch of goods are selling very pretty." This gives Wang Guolin a lot of confidence, until third when the purchase is cheated, "we spend 20 thousand yuan into the 50 grade is not good jujube, contact suppliers know that salesman to resign, they cheated." This time after being cheated, store and sell all the stores do not move, then put up the shutters.

, a charity aimed at fruit business

2014 in December, the Shiyan evening news launched the sale of love "green fruit" activities, to raise money for treatment of leukemia girl 14 years old Dang Anqi. Wang Guolin had a friend sent me 700 Candy Apple let him try to sell from Xinjiang, thinking of shops have been closed, will be free to the newspaper sponsored charity, won praise.

after the sale, Wang Guolin started to sell the idea of fruit. While at the end of the year, he and partners before the group of 30 thousand yuan from the recommended fruit wholesale market