45 years old began to start old boy also have spring

when people refer to entrepreneurs, always think of the young man full of vigor and enthusiasm. It is true that most entrepreneurs are young, but middle-aged people can also have a fiery entrepreneurial heart.

and the impression of biotech entrepreneurs, nearly 50 years old should be a biological technology Co., Ltd. chairman Guan Xiangqian wearing a pants, wearing a pair of nubuck leather shoes, upturned toe hilarious, with a head of white hair dyed completely, a vibrant the old boy".

start at the beginning of the tough talk, Guan Xiangqian told reporters, the company’s chief scientist found it is not easy, his heart for both if proficient in the relevant field of scientists, if also has the humanities entrepreneur, he eventually selected professor Hu Huaizhong in the United States for nearly 20 years. 2011, the company began to enter the operation, research and development stage, the first product in March 2012, Yi Kang into the market and success.

"1 years and 3 months, creating a miracle in the field, but the research of hard only oneself know." Guan Xiangqian told reporters, from tens of thousands of proteins in the search for a biomarker need to go through hundreds of experiments.

45 years old boy still entrepreneurship has unyielding momentum, on the road of entrepreneurship he can go on for a long time. Once there is a saying that it is never too old to learn. In fact, it can also start to the old.

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